Chapter 31

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Silva's POV:

We finally left the hospital the next day which the nurses didn't want but I have my ways.

I walked into my home with all my family gushing about the new baby.

I took this time to let myself breathe.

I walked to my office and closed the door softly behind me.

I knew what was about to happen next.

I sent a quick email before going back out to my family.

I watched as my family took turns holding my baby.

Everyone asked about her name.

Liam wanted a turn so Dax helped him hold her.

There was so much love in this family.

The family I once wanted to ruin.

I smile sadly.

"Why such the sad face?" Nate comes up from behind me.

"Because what's about to happen next nobody is prepared for" I spoke quietly.

He nods and stands beside me "We leave night?"

I nod and walk over to my family.

"She looks just like Silva" I hear my mom and Andrea say.

Who knew that both of the women that raised me would become best friends.

I sure as hell didn't think it would happen.

They both gushed while holding her and taking turns.

Dax comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me "We sure do make cute kids" I chuckle.

"I love you" I lay my head on his chest as he pulls me closer to him.

"I love you forever and always" he whispers and kisses my temple.

"Forever and always" I whisper back.

"Okay everyone it's time to let the baby sleep and it's getting late" my mother starts pushing out everyone.

"It's not even 10 pm mom" I hear Stefano whine.

I grab Layla out of Stefano's arms before he could protest more.

My mother is a very persistent woman.

"I don't care I'm your mother and even as a grown man you will go to your room right now," she says in her mom's voice.

Stefano's eyes widen before he grabs his wife's hand and drags her upstairs while she's giggling.

I see Liam try to sneak into the living room "Liam" he snaps his head over to me knowing he got caught "Bedtime"

He sighs "Okay mommy" he goes up the stairs with a pained look "Mommy I don't know if I'm going to make it up the stairs"

"Liam this isn't up for discussion" he gives me another pained look.

"Okay," he slowly makes his way upstairs and to his room.

Cristin and his girlfriend, Dakota, start to make their way after Liam.

Dakota seems nice and sweet, the exact opposite of the family but she fits in perfectly.

I go upstairs with Dax following close behind me.

I go into Layla's room which is right beside Liam's room and I lay her down.

I smile softly as she spirals out of her crib.

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