Chapter 6

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There in all his glory stood Dax.

Wearing his black Givenchy 3-piece suit.

Damn, he's looking good.

I feel like a damn bum compared to him, I mean I looked fine like I'm about to go to the mall or something but he looked like he was going to a business meeting or just came from one.

His brown hair slicked back but also looked a little messy like he has been running his hands through it multiple times.

His muscles slightly budge from his suit jacket and if he were to take off his suit jacket, it would be a world of muscles with just a dress shirt on, I could easily rip it off of him.

Oh my god, what am I even thinking, I'm in public right now, I shake my head getting rid of my dirty thoughts.

"Ciao benvenuto," Sofia said with a little too much excitement.

(Hello Welcome)

He scratched the back of his head "Ciao"

I cringed slightly, he said it with a French accent which sounded a little funny, he's never been great with Italian even when I taught him when we were younger.

I guess he wasn't paying attention during the lessons I gave him.

"He doesn't speak Italian Sofia," I say while looking at Lorenzo, who had an eyebrow raised at the way Sofia was acting, I try to hide my smile as Sofia flips her hair black and flutters her lashes.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry, usually when men come in with 3 piece suits they speak very well Italian," she says while walking over to her husband, giving him a side hug while still keeping her eyes on him "So Silva, you know him," she says looking over at me with a huge smirk on her face.

"No worries," he says with a smirk "And yes Silva and I know each other from childhood," he says now turning his smirk towards me.

That fucking smirk.

Then his blue eyes met my green ones and I felt the air get caught in my throat.

"Silva," he says while walking toward me.

"Dalton" I used his full name because I know it pisses him off even when we were kids, he hated it so whenever I'm trying to have a serious conversation, I use his actual name.

I see his jaw clench "You know I don't like being called Dalton" he's now right in front of me, staring down at me as if scolding a child.

He smirks at me "It's okay petite fille"

(Baby girl)

I rolled my eyes so hard I wasn't sure if my eyes were going to come back from the back of my head.

"Don't test me" I hissed at him.

And Sofia being Sofia decided to chime in "You would make such a cute couple"

I whip around towards her and glare while she has a smirk on her face.

"Well, thanks for the pastries but I have a flight to catch" I smile as Lorenzo hands me a bag of my goodies.

Dax frowns "Where are you going?"

I walked over to him and ran my hand up to his chest as I stood on my tippy toes and put my lips to his ear.

"Top secret" I smirk and turn around quickly before he could process what I said.

"Silva" I stop and turn around to look at Dax "Where are you going?" He clenched his jaw and I just kept the smirk on my lips.

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