Chapter 15

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It's been a few days since that weird ass phone call.

And tonight...

Dax and I are going on our official date as he puts it.

I was now in my closet trying to decide if I wanted to look causal or fashionable and I quickly chose causal.

A pair of ripped black jeans and a white crop top paired with my black leather jacket.

I put on some booties before going to my mirror and sightly curling my hair.

I chose to not wear makeup because honestly I was just to lazy to put it on.

I go to my dresser and tuck a throwing knife in my bra and in my little Michael Kors bag, that held my hand gun.

I walked out of my room and towards the stairs.

I look down the stairs to see Dax in black ripped jeans and navy blue shirt that was loose around his torso but tight on his biceps, and in his hands is a black leather jacket.

A small smile took my face before I went back to my natural bitch face.

"You look good" Dax says as his lingering eyes looked over my body.

"Can't say the same for you" I smirk before I saw him frown and then smirk.

He walked up to me and bent down to ear before whispering "I would say you look better naked but that seems inappropriate" he plates a kiss on my cheek before he starts walking to the door leaving me flustered.

I quickly catch up to this long legged creature and walk out the door.

"Soooo where are we going?" I ask as causally as possible.

"A place that serves good food" I nod but then frown.

"Does this place have a name?" I raise my eyebrow as he smirks.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out" as he opens the door to his Mercedes with a giant smirk.

"That was the most corniest thing you have ever said" I reply while shaking my head and entering the car.

He runs over to the drivers side and slides in "I try baby"

I roll my eyes and looked out the window as he starts driving.

I felt off.

Like really off.

Maybe it was just the date?

I look at side mirror and saw nobody was following us.

I shrug and just keep looking out the window at the gorgeous palm trees.

We stop at a cute looking diner that read 'Sally's Kitchen' in bright pink lettering.

Dax runs over to open my door before bowing "Ladies first"

I smile and shake my head "You know for pranking me as a kid and now bowing to my feet" I pause as I smirk "I thought this day would never come"

He smirks and pulls me to his chest "I already made you come" he whispers in my ear.

I roll my eyes and push him away "Still as immature as you were at 13" I comment.

He chuckles as he throws his arm around my shoulder.

We walk in and were greeted by a lady in a pink apron on with a puffy looking dress under it "Seat where ever you like" she says in monotone voice.

Wow she seems thrilled to be working here.


As Dax and I take a seat in a booth by a window, I almost felt normal.

As normal as a mafia leader can be sitting with her baby daddy.

The same lady that greeted us came to our table and took our drink and food order.

I smile happily as my burger gets set down in front of me.

I grab it quickly and take as big  of a bit as possible and almost moaning from the taste.

Dax is devouring his burger and fries as I take my time in savoring the juicy flavors from the burger.

"Ciao Silva" Someone whispers in my ear to the left of me before I am poked in the neck by a needle.

I try to reach for my purse but I feel so dizzy that I can't properly grab it.

I look up to see Dax knocked out laying his head on the table.

I see a figure step in front of me and my mind is going in circles but trying to process what the hell is happening.

The figure crutches down in front of me and my eyes go big at who I see.

My own half brother.


My mind goes blank before I feel my body go limp and I'm blacked out.


I woke up to a very comfortable position....

Tied up to a chair.

My feet and my hands were tied securely to the chair.

I tried moving my wrist but that caused the ties to become tighter.

I moved my ass side to side to see if they left my phone at the diner.

They did...


The metal door screeched open to reveal my own brother.

"Well, well, well" Matteo says while chuckling evilly "isn't it nice to see you Silva"

I roll my eyes "Look at that" I pause and look into his eyes "the traitor finally reveals himself" he frowns before stomping to my chair.

"Who do you think you are Silva?" He spits in my face "Look at where your at Silva" he pauses before smirking "it should look familiar"

I froze.


I look around to see that I'm in the same medal room as I was in when I was younger.

The same small ticks of white chalk was on the wall.

I take a deep breath in and close my eyes.

I'm not the same girl anymore.

I'm not scared of this room anymore.

I opened my eyes and gave my deadliest glare to Matteo "I hope you know, when I escape this hell hole again" I pause and tilted my head "Your head will be on a stick" I hiss.

He chuckles and walks towards the metal door "Try getting out Silva, I have guards surrounding this place and with one simple hand motion" he pauses "You will have a bullet in you head" he slams the metal door shut as I sit there quietly.

I make no sound.

No motion of struggle.

I've already planned my escape rout.

And it was sure to end up in flames.


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