Chapter 14

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After the 3rd ring, I picked up "Ciao"


"Silva" Romeo's deep voice spoke over the phone.

"Well, well, well, is it my dear old man who decided to give me a call after what? 7 years?" I sarcastically say as I sit down in my office chair.

"Why did you decide to drop them off at my doorstep" he growled out while I sighed.

"Well Romeo, I've heard that you have a little hit out on me" I pause as I hear him become silent "Just so you know, you don't know who you're messing with" my voice was deadly as I said that line.

"Silva it wasn't me" he sighs through the phone "You know my style I wouldn't have men kill you, I would do it myself" I frown.

"Then who is it?" I ask cautiously.

"Silva, listen to me carefully" he paused before speaking again "I'm not sure who it is but you know if I wanted you dead dead, I would make sure myself, the only reason I put Giovani on the hit for you was that I knew he was your half brother and the pictures he sent me" he chuckles "I knew they were fake, it's someone in Italy that's trying to get you killed and it sure as hell isn't Stefano even though you guys may have disagreements he wouldn't want you dead" I listen to every word he says.

"How do I know you're not lying?" I question as I sit back in my chair.

"I wouldn't lie to you about your safety, this may sound crazy but the day you ran away was the worst day of my life and that's why I hired Giovani to find you but I told him not to kill you unless I told him so" I frown as I listen to him talk about everything.

"Can I trust you?" I ask nervously.

"On the omertà Silva" I nod at that.

When I was younger Romeo used to tell me how if I needed to swear something to put it omertà.

"I will stay in contact with you if needed"

"Va bene, stay safe child"

(All right)

"Cercherò" I hear him chuckle lightly before hanging up.

(I will try)

I put my phone down and sigh.

Who would want me dead?

Well, a lot of Italians....

And Spanish...

Well fuck.

A lot of people want me to be 6 feet under but I'm 6 feet above it.

A loud knock comes on my door as Alessandro enters.

"Hey Sil" he looked irritated.

"What's wrong?" I look at him questionably.

"Stefano and his wife got a divorce and his wife is driving me crazy" he sighs as he sits in one of the chairs in front of me.

"She just keeps saying how much she loves and misses him and let me just tell you, he's not missing her with as many women that come out of his room" Alessandro puts his hand through his hair.

"How did she find out?" I ask while putting my blonde hair into a messy bun.

"She found him sleeping with another woman and left but since she knows about the mafia she can't really leave so she's been at my house crying every second then telling herself to get over it" he sighs as he leans back into his chair.

"Stefano might call, by the way, he says he wants to discuss business" I nod as he gets up ready to leave as my phone rings.

I let it rings 3 times before answering.

"Ciao," I say in a monotone voice.

"Silva?" Stefano questions on the other side.


"Um, I know your my only sister and all and I need some sisterly advice" he groans on the other side.

I chuckle softly "About?"

"I need to get my wife back but I can't even get close to her without her pulling out a gun to my head" I silently laugh on my side.

"Stefano, just get rid of the girls you sleeping with, let her know that you want to be loyal to her and not sleep with cheap hoes" I pause before sighing "Stef this isn't you, the way your acting like some big bad boy who can pull whatever girl that comes walking into the club. If Jules is truly the woman you love then you need to prove it. And not by just showering her with gifts but by showing that you care and love her" I hear him sigh.

"You think it will work?" He pauses while waiting for me to respond.

"Sí, just show her"

"Devo andare a riprendermi la mia donna," he says excitedly before hanging up.

(I have to go get my woman back)

I smile softly as I put my phone down.

"So is she going to stop driving me insane?" Alessandro asks while walking towards the door.

"Hopefully this idiota doesn't fuck it up" he smirks as he walks out of my office.


Right as I was about to leave my office my phone rang.


I answer on the 3rd ring.


"My precious Silva," a deep gruff voice said on the other line.

I freeze, who the fuck was this?

"Who is this?" I growl out.

"Not so fast Silva, I'm just beginning my rain on your parade, and soon my sweet child, I will have you and kill you like you should have been 7 years ago" the voice shouts before hanging up.


I walk out of my office to see Hector.

"Hector?" He freezes before turning to me.

"Can you put extra guards up tonight?" He nods before he keeps walking typing on his phone.

I walk down the stairs to see all of my boys watching...

Bob the builder?

"Yes, we can!" Liam shouts as they built their creation on TV.

I really need him to stop watching TV so much.

I walk over to Dax and Liam and sit between them.

Liam is pointing to the TV and rapidly telling me everything that's going on as Dax nods and comments a few times.

I chuckle as they both go into an argument about who helped with what.

"Okay boys, settle down, why don't we just rewind the show?" I question as they both huff and nod.

I rewind it to the spot before Liam jumps off the couch and shouts "I told you so!"

Dax huffs before frowning at the TV while Liam did a happy dance.

And this is what I call family.

Everything seemed to align at this moment.

Nothing could go wrong...

Or so I thought.


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