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I've always been the left-out child with my 4 older siblings, Alessandro, Matteo, Stefano, and Cristin. I was of course the youngest of the 5 of us, leaving Stefano the eldest, Cristin the second oldest, then Matteo, then Alessandro, and then me, Silva.

Stefano was going to take over my father's business when he turned 18 and by business, I mean leading the Italian Mafia with my brothers by his side.

Leaving me to be the little Princess that will be shipped off to be married to god knows who but I was never meant to be that little princess, I was born to be more than just the girl waiting to meet the mafia guy and become his bitch, that was never meant to be me.

I was also known as bambino diavolo aka devil child. I would pull pranks and get into fights with kids in elementary, middle school, and my favorite high school, getting me sent home a lot, while my brothers would yell at me when my mom was around but high-five me when she wasn't.

We were all close siblings until I was 14.

The day of my ruin.

When I got kidnapped by the Spanish Mafia, which let's say didn't go over well, I ended up getting away and running for who knows how long, I didn't want to go back home and face the consequences, to face my father.

But my family found me and brought me home but I was never the same little girl that they wanted me to be.

My brothers tried to help me to go back to that girl but I was never going back, not after everything, not after that.

I felt alone and used because once my father found me, he and I quote said "Meglio morto e poi vivo" meaning he would rather me be dead than alive.

I ran away after that and raised myself to be a strong woman and also very well known in all the mafias as 'il diavolo sotto mentite spoglie'.

(The devil in disguise)

I spared no one and at times not even myself.

I was the person that no one knew but have heard of.

And everyone knew to stay away because they knew if they looked at me the wrong way they would have a bullet between their eyes.

Without even a second chance.

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