Chapter 27

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Dax's POV:

As she slept I couldn't help but watch her.

I've been watching her since she came here 3 months ago.

I wish I could have just walked up to her or talked to her.

But I couldn't.

People thought I was dead.

I had to wait.

My patience has been running thin.

That's why I threw a last-minute ball at my hotel and invited her.

I've been waiting for Sebastian to make his next move.

Giovani has been keeping me updated on everything.

When we found out the Matteo knew who the traitor was I beat him until he told us who.

But he never did, he was just laughing.

I took a deep breath in.


I just want to make everything better for her.

For my little family.

I look down at her growing belly.

I smile slightly.

I scoot down to her belly "Hey baby, I'm your daddy" I smile widely "I know I haven't seen you in a while and I'm sorry for it" I pause and let out a breath "but I'm going to make everything better so that you can come into this world with a good life" I kiss her belly "I love you, baby girl or baby boy"

I scooted back up beside Silva and let myself fall asleep.

Silva's POV:

I woke up with a soft groan.

I feel a strong arm wrapped around me and smile.

I found him and now we can go home.

He slept peacefully as I slipped out of his grasp and dressed in the clothes I was supposed to last night.

I went into the kitchen and started breakfast.

I got out eggs, bacon, and toast.

I started my cooking and decided that I needed to spice up my morning with some music.

I go to my Spotify and shuffle my playlist.

The first song to play I immediately start smiling and dancing, Work out by J. Cole started playing.

I swayed my hips and felt my body vibrate with excitement.

I hear a throat clear and turn around to see Dax wearing only a pair of sweatpants hanging low on his hips and no shirt on showing off his amazing abs.

He was checking me out while biting his lip.

And my pregnancy hormones are back.

"Did I put on a good show?" I ask while playing with my messy hair.

He walks over to me with a smirk playing on his lips "I wouldn't mind a little bit more action"

I roll my eyes and continue cooking.

He chuckled "I mean my sexy baby mama dancing in the kitchen while cooking and wearing my clothes" he sighs "It's every guy's dream"

"And here I thought going to a strip club was every guy's dream" I chuckled as he comes up behind me wrapping his arms around me and placing his hands specifically on my bump.

"Okay, maybe it's just my dream" he places his head on my shoulder as I chuckle.

I finished cooking and placed our food on plates.

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