Chapter 13

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I was taught at a young age to never fear death.

Death was just an obstacle to overcome.

As I looked at Lucas's now beaten state, I learned that death can be painful and overbearing.

He had only 2 fingers on his right hand, his dick had been cut off and, his nose and jaw were broken.

Now was time for some fun.

"Giovani call Tony down here" I smirk as I see Lucas's face go pale.

Giovani walks out the door while I follow and go over to the window that was a double mirror so I can see inside but he can't see me.

Tony came running downstairs and stopped at the mirror beside me.

He was breathing hard as he looked at his father "What did you do to him?" He gritted our now facing me.

I chuckle softly "You think this is bad?" I ask Tony while he continues to look at his father.

"Now Tony I have some questions for you" he glared over at me.

"I was wondering who let your father into my house?" I asked while still looking at his father.

"I don't know" he grits out.

"Oh really? Because you were one of the guards last night with Jackson" I say in a monotone voice.

"I don't know why don't you ask Jackson" Tony's hands started to ball into fists.

I chuckle softly "Good thing I already did" I pause and look at him and his face had turned pale, "Jackson said that you left to use the bathroom but didn't return until 20 minutes later and after minutes before your father put a gun to my head, so Tony who let your father in?" I glare at him.

"Fine, it was me!" He shouts and pulls out his gun aiming it at my head.

I chuckle darkly and pull out my gun and aim it at his dick "Go ahead Tony, shoot me"

I see his hand starting to shake and the gun aimed at my head started to tremble.

Giovani comes out and put his gun to Tony's head "Put the gun down Tony"

He slowly lowers his gun and drops it.

"You know what happens to traitors Tony?" I ask while putting my gun down from his dick.

He nods his head "You torture them"

"Yes, but not you" his eyes widen in shock as I put my gun up and shoot him in the head "Your father suffers instead"

Giovani grabs Tony's body and drags it into Lucas's cell.

I see his eyes widen in horror at his dead son, a small sob comes out of his lips.

"This is what happens when people betray me" I comment as Lucas cry's over his dead son.

"You monster!" Lucas shouts at me.

"You haven't seen my monster yet" I smirk as I walk out of the room with Giovani behind me.

"Wow, nice job Sil" Giovani comments as I nod and walk up the stairs.

I hear running and frown "Liam I will give you a cookie if you stop running around" I hear Johnny boy shout.

Wait Johnny boy?

I run up the stairs to see Liam stop in his tracks and Johnny boy huffing and puffing.

I frown as Johnny boy mutters "Oh fuck"

"MOMMY" Liam shouts as he runs over to me.

"Hey, bambino," I say as I bend down to his height and hug him.

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