Chapter 1

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Silva dress ^^^^

"Silva, are you going to go to the Mafia ball this year?" Giovani asked while pacing the floor looking at the invitation in his hand.

"Sí," I say while typing an email to the Mexican Mafia about shipment.

"Sil, you know who's hosting right?" Giovani asks like I didn't already read the invitation myself, he's an idiot sometimes, I swear.

"Sí," I say again starting to get annoyed at his pacing, back and forth, back and forth, is this man trying to piss me off.

He stops in his tracks with a grin on his face "You're going to reveal yourself?" He looked at me with so much excitement, I had to hold back my grin.

"Sí," I say again, finally looking up at him from behind my laptop.

"Grazie Dio, I thought you would never do it" he cheers happily while putting the invitation on my desk, doing his little happy dance.

(Thank God)

"Have you no faith in me?" I raised my eyebrow with a huge grin on my face, I couldn't hold it back anymore, my half-brother being so excited only makes me happy that we met each other.

"I knew you would do it but I didn't know if you would follow through with it since Stefano is in charge of the Italians and his kind of best friend Dax is in charge of the French" Giovani states while raising an eyebrow at me as if challenging me, of course, he has to bring up him, the one person I would rather not talk about.

"I always make an entrance so bring your wife with you and make sure you're armed the whole night" he nods while his grin is still plastered on his face as he walked out of my office.

Before he closed the door, he turned around leaning against the door frame "What's the theme again?"

"Masquerade" I smirk while getting up out of my seat "Well I will see you tomorrow at 8," I say grabbing a few folders from my desk.

He nods, turning around and walking out of my office.

I walked out shortly after him and went straight to my room and lay on my bed grinning about my family's reaction about me not being as dead as they thought I was.


"HURRY UP SILVA" Giovani yells while I can hear him pacing on the floor.

He's nervous.

It's only 7:50.

I finally slip on my black stilettos with my red floor-length dress with light makeup on and my blonde hair pinned into an updo.

I grab onto my black mask and my clutch that contains a gun and about 4 throwing knives, just in case shit hits the fan.

I also have a gun strapped to my thigh and a throwing knife on the other.

"I'm ready, now would you shut up," I say walking down the stairs trying to make sure I don't fall on my ass, lord knows Gio would laugh his ass off and would bring it up at every family gathering.

"Finally" he mumbles while I roll my eyes at him.

We walk out the door and to the limo with Giovani's wife, Aspen, who is walking quickly to the car while mumbling curse words about going to these damn events.

She's never really liked that Giovani was a part of all this but she's gotten better over the years.

We eventually all get there at 8:30 pm also known as fashionable late or right at the time in my books.

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