Chapter 20

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Silva's POV

I almost died.


It was like the devil wasn't ready for me yet.

As I opened my eyes the room was dark and the outside was dark.

Of course, I fucking woke up while everybody was asleep in the middle of the night.

I felt a little body move closer to my side and I look beside me to see Liam snuggling closer to me.

A small smile graces my face as he looks so cute while he's asleep.

I try to move my hand but it was stuck.

Well not stuck more like held hostage by Dax's hand.

He had his head on my stomach while holding my hand in a death grip.

I look around the room to see Giovani asleep on one side of the couch while Papa was on the other side with Mama Andrea sleeping on his lap.

Adam was passed out on the floor with a blanket wrapped around him like a burrito.

Let's just say it was a funny sight.

Alessandro and Stefano were on another couch sleeping.

How did I get a room big enough for 2 couches?

Well, I'm sure someone 'convinced' the doctors and nurses to give me the biggest room.

I look over to the recliner to see my mama and Romeo sleeping.

To say I was shocked is an understatement.

Cristin walks into the room and he stops and looks at me while I look at him.

We just look at each other before we start laughing.

Dax stirrers are his sleep and I stop immediately.

"Of course, you two are laughing at each other" Stefano mumbles before he shots up fully awake now "You're awake" he whispers.

"Mommy why is it so loud?" Liam yawns before he looks at me and I look at him.

His mouth drops before shouting "MOMMY!"

Dax's eyes open and he looks right into my eyes as Liam wraps his arms around me.

Dax puts his arms around my waist hugging me tightly.

My mama squeals while running over to me starting to hug me on top of Liam.

"Okay, can I get some water?" My voice is raspy as I try to speak.

Alessandro laughs at me as I flip him off.

Papa hands me a glass of water and I chug it down.

Giovani walks over with a big grin on his face.

"Okay, so I'm ready to get out" I pull the IV out of my arm and go to get up.

"Wow sorella, you have been in a coma for 2 weeks I think you should rest," Stefano says while Alessandro runs in front of me.

"Well I'm ready to pay a visit to a couple of friends so where are they?" I look at Romeo with an eyebrow raised.

"In your house in the basement," he says to me I nod in approval and go to get out of bed.

I see my mother hit his chest and start whispering in Italian.

Dax lets go of me and let me get out of the hospital bed.

"Sorella this isn't a good idea" Alessandro tries to stop me.

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