Chapter 9

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They say that once you experienced death, that death isn't feared.

But to hell with that, I would rather die than be with him again.

Dax was running to his Mercedes with me in his arms while gunshots go around us.

He throws me in the car and gets on the driver's side quickly and speeds off.

The SUVs are quickly on our tale shooting at our car.

"FUCK" I scream and start dialing Giovani's number.

After the first ring, he picks up.

"What's up?" He asks normally.

"I NEED YOU AND SOME MEN TO TRACK MY PHONE AND HELP US RIGHT NOW!" I scream through the phone while the rear-end window breaks.

"On it" Giovani quickly hangs up.

I grab my clutch and see my gun.

I smirk, showtime.

I take out my Glock 17 and take my first shot hitting the car tire that was behind us and swerving off the road and landing in a ditch.

"Okay only 4 more cars to go" I cheer myself on mentally.

I duck as I see a guy aiming for my head as the bullet hits the headrest.

More bullets follow after that and I jump into Dax's lap.

I roll down his window and shot the driver that was beside us.

Bullseye right between the eyes!

The car swerved off the road as well crashing into a pole.

"Baby take them all out, I will try to lose them but no promises" Dax whispers in my ear.

I ignore the part where he said baby but lord knows I can take out these cars.

I feel a bullet pass my arm and I mentally scream.

I aim for the next car and aim for their tire.

I take my shot but he swerves out of the way of the bullet just missing the tire.


I see another car pulling on my left and roll down the window and shot the guy in the head.

Who the fuck has their window down while driving and shooting people?

Well, this dumbfuck does because now he's dead along with his buddies.

I roll up our windows quickly and focus on the 2 cars behind us.

"Dax I need you to lose them unless you have a machine gun hiding in this car" he nods and speeds up.

I feel him swerving and the other SUV's trying to keep up.

"Hold on sweet cheeks" Dax whispers and takes a sharp right.

I hit my head on the window and mentally cursed.

I look behind us to see the SUVs trying to make the turn but crash into each other.


"Sil" I hear Dax but he sounds distant.

I look at him to see he's a little pale and I quickly start looking for injuries.

I look down to see blood on my leg.

"No" I whisper and start looking for blood on his stomach.

I find a hole in his right hip.

"Fuck" I whisper.

I grab my phone and dial Giovani's number.

He answers with the first ring.

"I found you," Giovani says and I see a black SUV pull behind us and flash its lights.

"Gio, it's Dax" I whisper with tears brimming my eyes.

"Follow me," he says quickly and I flip in Dax's lap.

"Dax, I need you to stay up okay, tell me something that happened to you while I was gone" I shout while taking over driving.

"I met this girl at the mafia ball a couple of years ago" he whispers out.

A small smile comes to my face "Tell me about her"

"She was gorgeous with brown hair and light brown eyes, she had the most amazing laugh and could brighten any room. She made me feel weak to my knees Sil and I never got her name but we did do the deed" I smile and go back to the memory.

The memory of me being myself with him and not just Stefano's sister or the devil's child.

But he has no idea that I was the girl he met that night.

"Mind-blowing sex?" I ask because it is sure as hell was for me.

"Yeah, that most amazing sex I've ever had" he whispers the last part.

I see the mansion and feel Dax trying to sleep.

"Dax we are almost there if you stay awake, I will tell you a secret," I say and I feel him jolt awake.

"Really?" He asks almost like a weak person about to die.

"Yeah just stay awake, we are almost there" I gas it to the entrance while on Giovani's ass.

We pull in and speed down the driveway.

All of my men are waiting for us and I quickly park the car and open the door.

"Where're the doctors?" I shout and most of the men look inside and Giovani comes over to help Dax out of the car.

"Hector give me a hand" Giovani shouts and I see a big bald dude come running over.

Giovani and Hector helped Dax out of the car while they dragged him inside with me hot on their tails.

We go into a room where 3 doctors are standing waiting for Dax.

"If he dies be expecting a bullet in your head," I say while they take Dax and start taking his shirt off.

"Wait" Dax weakly says.

I walk over to him "Sí"

"What's your secret?" He asks tiredly.

"I know who the girl is that you met at the mafia ball is" I smile weakly.


I kiss his cheek "Me" I whisper and walk away as the doctors start doing their job.

Giovani comes beside me "What happened?"

"He knows I'm here and I want him dead" I answer calmly.

"How does he know you're here?" Giovani questions.

"Word spreads fast and if Alessandro told Stefano then Stefano told Romeo and Romeo told Esteban" I answer and walk into my office to see a pile of files.

Giovani closes the door quickly "Unless someone is a traitor" Giovani says while sitting in front of the desk.

"That's why I had you get these, I trust no one right now and I don't expect them all to be welcoming of a female boss" I start flipping through files.

"Sil are you okay?" I take a deep breath in.

I most likely wasn't going to get any sleep tonight but life keeps giving me turns to where I most likely will be a sleep-deprived woman.

"I'm fine for now but if I find someone is spying then take them to the basement and make sure to have some tools" Giovani nods and leaves my office.

I sit down in my office chair and lay back.

It's going to be one hell of a long night.

I look at the stack of files and start looking.

I spy with my little eye a traitor.

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