Chapter 22

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Silva's POV:

It's been 3 weeks since I found out I was pregnant.

I've told no one.

I've been dealing with the mafia that sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant until I start feeling nauseous.

It's a helpful reminder.

As I lay in bed with Dax I couldn't sleep tonight.

I looked over at the alarm clock and saw it read 2:05 am.

Sleep-deprived night sounds about right.

I slowly unwrap myself from Dax and slipped out of bed.

I looked at Dax's sleeping figure with his shoulder in a bandage.

I still find that day amusing.

I quietly slipped out of the room and start to head downstairs when I hear a voice.

"I know what I have to do" I hear a voice try to say in a whisper.

I keep my footsteps light as I slowly walk into the kitchen.

"I know to grab the kid then leave," the tall figure said in a hushed tone.

I softly opened the drawer with the kitchen knives.

"I will get him now and bring him to you tonight" he put his phone down on the table letting out a deep breath.

"And where do you plan on taking my kid?" I growled as I held up a kitchen knife.

The guy swiftly turned around.

It was one of my guards.

Ignorant man he was.

He went to reach for his gun "Now do you want to do that right now" I give him a pouty face.

He went to reach for it again but my knife was already flying through the air.

It hit him right in the thigh causing him to scream out and fall.

I walked over to him knocking the gun out of his hand "Now do you want to do this the hard way or the easy way?"

"Non ti sto dicendo niente" he glares up at me.

(I'm not telling you anything)

"The hard way it is" I grab a small knife and slice his face.

He screamed in horror.

"Now I can take that little eye out of its socket or you can tell me who sent you?" He starts to hesitate.

"3" I move my hand to open up his eyelid.

"Okay, it was Seb" I chuckle of course he would.

I slice the guy's throat.

He falls limp on the floor.

I hear footsteps come down the stairs.

"What hap-" Giovani comes into the kitchen stopping mid-sentence as he sees the scene.

"I will call Jacob" he groans as he grabs his phone.

"Gio it's Seb that's sending people" I step over the dead guy and grab a glass of water.

"Oh and give this to Johnny" I toss him the phone and he catches it swiftly.

Dax comes into the kitchen with his gun in hand "What happened?"

"He said that he was going to take our kid so I killed him" I smile sweetly as I sip my water.

I see Dax shake his head "Did you get any information?"

"Of course darling I'm no idiot, I know who's trying to kill me now" he gives me a look as if to say continue.

"His name is Sebastian, he was someone I used to do business with before I cut him out of my life leaving him empty-handed and now he's back for money" Dax nods at the new information.

"It doesn't make sense" Dax shakes his head "Why would he want you why not just steal shipments?"

I shake my head "I'm guessing for revenge but I have no idea what's on"

Jacob and a couple of other guys show up and start cleaning up the kitchen.

I step out of the kitchen and upstairs Dax following close to my tail.

"Silva you have been acting weird lately what's wrong" Dax comes up behind me placing his arms around me.

"It's just some stress nothing to worry about" I turn around and give him a small smile.

He places a small kiss on my forehead "I'm going to check on Liam" I nod as he goes into Liam's room.

I walk into ours and go into the bathroom.

I slowly left up to my shirt and see my once tone belly starting to make me look a little bloated.

I hear Dax come back in so I flush the toilet and wash my hands.

I come out with Dax already laying in bed watching me.

"You know you can tell me anything" Dax's words cut deep.

I've never had someone besides Giovani to tell my secrets to but even he doesn't know my darkest secrets.

"Let's go to bed and talk about this in the morning" he nods as I crawl into bed snuggling beside him.

"Goodnight my love" Dax whispers in my ear.

"Goodnight love"

I let myself relax and fall asleep.

*next day*

As soon as I woke up I put on sweats and a hoodie.

Winter was starting to come and it was already getting chilly.

I slip out of the house and asked my driver Harry to drive me.

The next thing I know I'm at a Women's health care.

As I walked in nurses already greeting me.

I told them I didn't make an appointment and just wanted to check on my baby.

They quickly help me into a room.

I'm honestly surprised they were this quick.

I'm guessing they want to make sure this baby is healthy.

Or they know of me.

"Hello Ms.De Luca, I'm your Doctor, so you just wanted to check on the baby" I nod as she had me lay back on the chair.

She squirted some cold greenie gel just below my stomach.

She looked at the motor nodding "Well looks like the baby is about 6 weeks" she smiles at me "Do you want to hear the heartbeat?"

I nod as she pulled the motor to me to show me, my baby.

She turned some knobs before a strong heartbeat rang through.

She started pointing out where the baby was, etc.

But I stopped listening.

I just looked at the screen.

That baby is in me.

My little green bean.

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