Chapter 7

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^^^^American Mafia Mansion

After driving for 2 hours, we finally reached the mansion, and to say it was beautiful is an understatement.

It was gorgeous.

I tried to hide my shocked expression but with my luck Joe caught it.

"Impressed are we?" Joe asked while looking at Giovani and me.

"Not what I was expecting" I open the door and see a couple of guys out front smoking a cigar.

Giovani and Joe get out and grab the suitcases.

They finally spot me and look me up and down.

I see one of them whisper to another and start walking over with a smirk on his face.

His shaggy dirty blonde hair covered his forehead and ended right above his brown eyes.

He was cute but I could tell he was a player.

"Well hello gorgeous, the name is Johnny boy but you can call me your boy if you want" he smirks and grabs my hand and kisses my knuckles.

I raise an eyebrow "Do you know who I am?"

"An angel sent from God" he smirks again.

I smirk and grab his arm and wrap it behind his back while kicking the back of his legs to make him fall which he did.

I go up to his ear "More like a demon from hell" I pause and pull his arm harder as he let out a shriek.

"Say anything like that again and I won't mind putting a bullet in that head of yours" I let go of his arm while he drops to the ground holding his arm.

"Not even 5 minutes and you already threatened someone," Joe says while he shakes his head.

I look over at his friends while one is putting out the cigar and the other standing up straighter than before.

"Joe calls the doctor for Johnny-boy so they can pop his shoulder back into place" Joe nods while I keep walking towards the doors.

I walk up to the group of guys first "Names"

"Jackson" the first one squeaked out with his brown hair cut short and looked to be 16.

I turn to the others "Travis" the one beside Jackson said and he gave me a nod in respect. He looks up to 19 with short blonde hair and lots of muscles.

"Andrew," the other guy says and he looked about 20 with shaggy brown hair and very similar to Johnny boy.

I nod and walk to the door.

Joe opens the doors for me and I walk in to see a group of men and half-naked women.

The music stops and everyone's eyes go to me.

The place was an absolute mess with junk food everywhere and condoms thrown on the ground with women's tops and bottoms.

"And who are you?" I hear a guy yell while stomping to the front where I am.

When he finally reaches the front to see Joe behind me.

"Joe, who is this bitch?" Joe's eyebrows raise and I smirk.

I pull my gun out and shoot his foot.

He lets out a scream in pain.

I bend down to his level while he cradled his foot "I'm the new boss"

I lean in a little bit closer for only him to hear "Who's the bitch now? Bitch"

His eyes go wide and I stand up and shoot a bullet at the ceiling "I want this place cleaned up and all of the women out of here unless they work for this mafia or so help me god if this place isn't cleaned in an hour then be expecting a bullet in your head" I scream.

They all nod viciously and start pushing half-naked women out.

"Joe can you take me to my room" he nods while taking me up the steps.

I see a couple of maids running around "Joe?"

He nods for me to continue "As your last duty for today and the rest of your life, can you make sure none of the maids help clean" he nods again and shows Giovani his room which is right across from my room.

"Office is down the hall," Joe says and walks down the halls, yelling if any maids help then they will get fired.

"What an entrance" Giovani smirks while I lean on my door.

"I try to make it as big as possible" I shrug.

"Get unpacked and some sleep we have a lot to do tonight," Giovani says while I groan.

I look at my watch to see it's 2 pm "Wake me up at 5 then we leave at 5:30"

Giovani nods while going down the hallway downstairs.

I open my door to see a huge bedroom.

I could tell they remodeled with a brand new bed and new colors a mix of black and gold with light pink.

I see two doors and walk over and open the first one to see a gorgeous walk-in closet and the other leads to a huge bathroom that included a tub and a shower.

I look over at my king-sized bed to see my suitcases neatly placed beside my bed.

I grab both of my suitcases and dig through my first suitcase for my black dress.

Which I find and hang up.

And yes I am going to dress like a hoe to meet Dax but at least a classy hoe.

I look at the mess of clothes and shrug while I walk over to my bed and jump on it.

The blankets get ripples in them and I giggle.

I crawl under my blankets and get comfy quickly and wrap myself in a mini cocoon.

I let my eyes shut only to be brought to the darkness I have learned to call home.

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