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^Silvas dress

*2 years later*

I sat in front of his grave.

It still felt unreal.

He risked his life to save me.

He was the one person I could count on.

The one person that saved me through everything.

I read his name over in over again.

It took me a long time to forgive myself.

For letting him fall.

I felt guilty.

After I shot Seb and looked at his dead body it was like I broke everything inside.

I wanted to take a bullet for my family.

I felt like I was the cause of all of this.

I just wanted it to end.

But my fate didn't come to that end.

It came to someone else.

"I'm sorry Gio" I cry out.

I couldn't believe the one person I lost that day was my best friend.

He saved me.

But I didn't want to be saved.

Aspen doesn't visit his grave as often as I do.

She has his child with her.

She won't even come over to the family.

I feel Dax come over and hug me "It's time Silva" he whispers in my ear.

I nod slowly.

I place the pink rose I got for him on his grave.

It's what he would have worn to my wedding.

I place one there every month.

But today is supposed to be a happy day.

It's my wedding day.

Dax pulls me into a hug "He's always here baby" I nod slowly as we walk back to the cars.

We make our way to our hotel rooms separating us until I walk down the aisle.

I walk into the room to be met with chaos.

And I thought planning the wedding was chaotic.

Before I know it everyone's pushing me into the chair.

My bambino is with the boys while my little green bean is with my mother.

I see Natalia walk over to me with a huge smile.

"Auntie Silva" she greets while sitting beside me.

After finding out she was Cristin's daughter almost ever flipped out even Cristin.

He didn't even know he has a daughter.

She was 10 when we found her and she was bruised and treated like a slave.

I'm glad that they didn't sexually touch her but I can never take away the scars she has from there.

She and Cristin have grown close even though he's more of the serious and silent type I can tell he has a soft spot for her.

I feel people start to pull at my hair and start my makeup.

After about an hour of feeling like all my hair got pulled out and my face was beaten to death, I was finished.

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