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GATE: Thus USCA fought them (Kitsune Shota male reader washington x family) by 410Jackass
GATE: Thus USCA fought them ( bucketman
(A/N: I know I'm making another gate fanfic, Well if you guys want to know, Don't ask) The USCA (Or United States Continent of America) was the most powerful nation on e...
Returning From The Dead by averagebooknerd00
Returning From The Deadby Cassi
Have you ever wondered what it was like to be fake dead for 7 years?... Well, Silva Mia De Luca knows when she appears at the next mafia ball only her family fears what...
????BRINGING FREEDOM IN THE FANTASY WORLD!!????(Male reader x harem) by 410Jackass
(A/N: Note to self: I'm 100% not American! Just doing what American readers, writers and author want!! FREEDOM!!!) This is Y/N Obama, (The decedent of Barack Obama) of...
USKA and its allies are now in remnant by 410Jackass
USKA and its allies are now in bucketman
(A/N: If you guys hate this story, I will send blitzkrieg into your house) 8 nations suddenly transported to remnants by a stranger lights, How will remnants kingdoms r...
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in His Hair by SarahBeara
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in Marie
When her famous father gets word of her beauty, he decides its time for Ella Weldingston to take her proper place as heir to one of the largest entrepreneurs in the west...
Brother Complex (Aph fanfiction) by teal_in_the_rain
Brother Complex (Aph fanfiction)by Violet
Ever wonder why America, Canada and Germany look a lot a like? Well your about to find out! I do not own Hetalia. Because if I did, America wouldn't eat burgers and Can...
Reincarnation into a loli empress (Red alert 3 x Male Genderbend Female OC) by 410Jackass
Reincarnation into a loli bucketman
(A/N: I do not own any thing) In the alternate earth, when the world is becoming chaos, Soviet launched the attack on Europe and Asia, Allied forces use their defensive...
Brick rigs: 🇺🇸USKA Yankess!! To The Recuse!🇺🇸 by 410Jackass
Brick rigs: 🇺🇸USKA Yankess!! bucketman
(A/N: This is another USKA story) President Y/N was in the dark room, But he see a weird guy named "Bob", He ask Y/N for help to take out the evil in brick ri...
Okay, Shinkan by gnemesisy
Okay, Shinkanby QueenOfNight🌙
"You won't just get on the podium, you're going for the gold." My heart pressure declined. I feel like I have to go to the bathroom. "Or," he conti...
Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Mama. by Corinder
Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Corinder
Julia, just months from becoming a full-werewolf, is now halfway through her pregnancy, has officially hooked up with the father of her babies ...sort of... and on the r...
The Pickpocket by pleasantly_wholocked
The Pickpocketby beep boop
My name is Jamie Hattchet. I'm fourteen years old and a trained actor/pickpocket. My life was pretty normal until I found the pocket watch. After that everything sort of...
In The Face Of Danger by randyjohnson71
In The Face Of Dangerby randyjohnson71
I dedicate this poem to those who fought and died for the USA.
Mission:War by gw08brownsmithbaleig
Mission:Warby gw08brownsmithbaleig
John Ramirez a young man in his early twenties is found at manark university by General Lennox from the army but once John is given the chance will he be so easy going t...
unTITLED by insert_author_here
Waking up in a stranger's bed is bad enough, but it is enough worse when you don't remember anything from the night before. Add in seeing yourself on the cover of the Ne...
Top 10 Stereotypes Of Americans by 5SOSauces_
Top 10 Stereotypes Of Americansby Q U E E N™
" McDonalds " All rights reserved to Mavis { Me } Queen™
Easy fooled by love by amandapettersson
Easy fooled by loveby Amanda
Love. The most beautiful thing in the world. I thought it all was real, how could I be so stupid? How could anyone actually love me? I mean truly love me, love me for be...