Chapter 2

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The car ride was silent on the way back to the warehouse, the reality of everything that happened not hitting me yet, I still felt blank.

No one said anything, I mean what are you supposed to say, good job champ.

I got out of the car quickly and walked to my room with no emotion on my face.

I wanted to cry and scream at my family for what they put me through.

"Sil?" Giovani called out as I was just about to walk up the stairs pulling me out of my mind.

I turn around and look at him with a blank expression.

"I know tonight was hard for you" he whispers out while looking at me in my eyes "but do you want to release this hell on them? Is this what you want?" I felt my blood start to boil as he said those words.

I step toward him so I am only inches away from his face "Do you know what they did to me? What did my so-called father say to me? I was 14 when I was kidnapped and no one gave a flying fuck until I was able to run away and my family was able to find me. They deserve my hell even if they need a harsh reality of who they are" I yell at him, losing my cool is not me, I just felt so much rage after seeing them.

After seeing him.

He steps back "This is not the Silva I saved all those years ago, you have changed and it's not for the better" he turns sharply away.

"And I will never be her again," I said quietly as he took a few steps forward.

"Just think about it Silva," he says before finally walking away.

I watch as he walks away, disappearing into the shadows, I make my way upstairs to my room.

All of my thoughts on my family.

I quickly slid my dress off and sat down on my white couch in my room, it was a simple room with lavish furniture.

I live a simple life because simplicity is what I need but I've been super anti-social and I only talk when needed to.

With my business of drugs and shipments, I don't talk much, Giovani talks and he knows my standards.

Giovani is my only source of family and he's the only person I don't want to disappoint, too bad I already fucked that up.

I know he doesn't agree with me about bringing my family hell but I'm not an angel myself, I've killed, I've smoked, and I've sold drugs.

No one is innocent in this world.

But most people don't know that all drug shipments go through me.

So I'm a very powerful drug lord but sometimes it's guns and sometimes people but never sex trafficking, people know I doubt offer it and if they ask, well most people aren't alive to tell the story and the women are released.

I'm quiet but deadly when I'm angry and I'm not afraid to have a gun pointed at my face, trust me it's happened a lot, maybe I would be normal if I didn't get kidnapped that day.

That soulful day at the mall.

Maybe I would have been married to some mafia leader and had some kids.

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