Chapter 33

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Silva's POV:

Well, this didn't end how Nate intended to.

I don't know why he came up with this ridiculous plan to help me escape.

I will give him an A for his effort.

But his poor planning leads him to a C-.

We are all now tied up to chairs.

Nate on my right and Alessandro on my left leaving me in the middle.

They haven't laid a finger on me which is pissing me off.

Alessandro now looks more purple and blue than his usual tan skin.

Nate now has a couple of bruises and scraps scattering his face and body.

They didn't want them.

They only wanted me so why not hurt me?

I hear the door open and close before Seb walks into the darkroom and goes under the single source of light which is the lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

"Well, Silva isn't a pleasure to see you again" I ignore him.

"Awe is someone ignoring me" he coos "How cute?"

He goes to place his hand on my cheek but I snap my mouth.

"Feisty aren't we" he chuckles "Well Silva, you are probably wondering why I want you" I raise an eyebrow at him, and give him a face that says 'no shit'.

"It all started when you joined our little gang" I smirk at him.

"Yes very little" he glares at me.

"I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world and I became obsessed" doesn't sound creepy at all "I wanted to fuck you like no other man could but for some reason you didn't want me" he pouts "and then you left me" he pauses.

I tilt my head to the side "Are you going to continue or am I going to have to wait all day?"

"Oh yes the good part, you left, and then I went crazy trying to find you, I got a bunch of gang members to try to find you but you seemed to just pop off the grid" he glares at me, "The boss man told me I needed to stop using his men for my own needs so I poisoned his bourbon and for his son" he pauses and smirks "Shot him right between the eyes" He grins at the memory.

"Wow, what a story with so many twists and turns and then the plot twist, man never saw that one coming" he stocks over to me and points a gun to my head.

I raise my eyebrow "Do it" I say confidently.

"Oh I will but not today" he removes the gun from my head "But soon" he walks out of the doors.

I hear the door open and close again.

Then I see.

Johnny boy?

He grins at me but soon clears his throat "Sorry I had to berate you Silva but I'm getting paid a lot" I give him a confused look.

He mouths 'Play a long'.

"You fucking piece of shit I left you with my kid" I glare at him.

He smirks "Yeah he was just a part of the deal"

I glare daggers at him "When I get untied I will find you and kill you" I growl.

Damn, I'm playing this part too well.

"Now Silva listen very closely" I nod as if to signal to him in listening "He is coming and he has a plan" I nod and Johnny boy leaves.

"Who the fuck was that?" I hear Nate groan.

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