Chapter 28

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Silva's POV:

I sigh deeply.

I make a call to the one person that can help me.

"Ciao Silva" I hear Philips's deep voice.

"Ho un problema" he chuckles.

(I have a problem)

"Sembra che tu abbia sempre quelli di tanto in tanto" I roll my eyes at this man.

(It seems you always have those from time to time)

"Ho bisogno di informazioni su qualcuno" I can already tell that I have his interest.

(I need information on someone)



"Sebastian" he goes silent.

"E cosa ottengo in cambio?" he asks quickly.

(And what do I get in return?)

"I will find your family" he scoffs.

"Se non riesco a trovarli come farai?" I sigh.

(If I can't find them how will you?)

"So già chi li ha" he's silent again.

(I already know who has them)

"Fine, I will help" he hangs up.

That went better than I thought.

Phillip is an old friend of mine when I was first starting up dealing.

He has a ton of connections and always took a liking to me.

But after his family got caught he turned sour and blamed everyone around him because of it.

Luckily I have someone who has been trying to find his family for a while.

Phillip was like family to me and I wasn't going to let him fuck up his life and business because of it.

And I found out that the Russians have them.

Always the fucking Russians.

But I have a couple of friends over there so getting his wife and son out won't be a problem.

A knock comes on my door.



"Hey mommy" Liam walks in standing tall.

"Yes bambino" I smile softly at his tough-guy act, it was adorable.

"I know my birthday is tomorrow and I was wondering if you could help me make a cake" my smile grows as he looks a little nervous.

I walk over to him and squat down "Of course and remember what mommy told you?"

His headshots up from being down and he looks me in the eyes "Be confident in what I want" I nod.

"You want to start on the cake now?" He nods his head violently.

He grabs my hand and starts dragging me to the kitchen.

Damn this kid has some strength for a 5-year-old.

"Alright we are going to make my specialty cake only for birthdays" Liam nods with a huge smile on his face.

"Okay first thing first aprons" I grab an apron and give a smaller apron to Liam.

Giovani's POV:

I peek into the kitchen to see Silva teaching Liam how to bake.

She always makes the best cakes.

I've never seen her so happy before.

With Dax back and Liam in her life, she has changed.

She used to always act so tough and kept her priorities straight but now.

Her only priority is her family.

I know what I did to her was a shit move.

I kept trying to hint to her to open the fucking drawer but she can be so stubborn sometimes.

I wanted to tell her about the plan but we needed a real reaction from her.

And finding out that Adam was the traitor.

Alessandro was pissed.

At first, he would trash his room or go and kill some sex traffickers but then he broke.

He sobbed into his mother's arms.

I've never seen a man so broken before.

Romeo and my father are out for blood from them.

But they have no idea what Silva plans on doing.

I want to slap some sense into her but I can't.

Finding out that Alessandro was taken is taking a huge toll on this family.

His mother keeps blaming herself.

Our father can't even keep trying to figure out a plan but each one is a flop.

We need more people.

We need another family.

And the one person I know Silva will hate me for.

But I need to try.

I can't let her trade herself for Alessandro.

I step outside and dial the number.

After the first ring, he picks up.

"Well, it's been a while since I've heard from you" the thick British accent coming into the speaker.

"I need your family's help and exchange I will give you some shipment deals" I sigh.

"Well damn if the big bad wolf needs my help why didn't she call?"

"You know she hates you but we need some extra hands and let's say I know that you will take this after what we have done to help you in the past" he chuckles.

"Well tell the lovely Silva that I will help with whatever you need" I sigh out of relief.

"Meet us at the American estate tomorrow"

"See you later mate" he hangs up.

Silva may hate me for this.

She will probably throw something or shoot me.

But we need them.

Having 4 mafia groups with us.

We will be unstoppable.

Sebastian and his gang won't be expecting us.

When you mess with one family...

You have 3 more coming after you.

I walk back inside and go back into the kitchen to see now Stefano watching intensely while Dax seats on the counter.

Romeo and Alice chuckle as Liam stirs something in a bowl.

My mother watched in horror at the mess and my father tried to comfort her.

I see Silva and my wife putting pans into the oven.

And this is the family I don't want to give up on.


I know a short chapter but I wanted to fit in a little of Giovani's POV :)

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