Chapter 29

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Alessandro's POV:

I sat in the chair tied up and in a dark room.

Everything in me wanted to die.

I lost the person I thought I love.

He was a fucking traitor.

I should have known.

Everything told me he was bad but I wanted him anyway.

Now, look where I am.

Them beating the shit out of me trying to find Silva.

Hell, even I didn't know where Silva was.

She's a very spontaneous person.

I felt like every hit I got was deserved.

Even when they used me like a fucking punching bag I said nothing.

I didn't show the pain.

I was trained to show no emotion.

I got taken because they couldn't find Liam.

Liam was the original target but I just so happened to be at Silva's house when they broke in.

Giovani and Liam left to go to the store.

So they took me as leverage.

I've been here for a couple of days and I already know they will have a plan to find me.

All this guy wants is Silva.

He wants her as his wife so he can be the American Mafia leader.

What a fucking joke this guy was.

He thinks he can destroy this family.

But I know my sister.

She will destroy anything that comes close to tearing us apart.

Death is coming soon.

And it isn't for me.

Silva's POV:

As we celebrated Liam's party with only family invited I couldn't help but feel like my family wasn't completed.

I needed Alessandro.

He was the goofy one.

Always made everyone smile even when he didn't want to.

When I came back we shared each other's pain.

He's like the twin I never had.

A loud knock comes on the door jumping me out of my thoughts.

I frown.

Who could be here?

"I will get it" I stand up and walk towards the door.

I open in ready to see more family but I'm met with someone else.

"Nate" I growl out "What the hell are you doing here?" I look at him with disgust.

He still looked like his usual self with his blonde hair slicked back and his blue eyes shining with a playful smirk on his lips.

He wasn't as tall as Dax maybe a little shorter and he wasn't as muscular as Dax either.

"That isn't a polite way of greeting me, love," he says in his stupid British accent.

Giovani comes running in "Oh fuck" I turn around and glare at him.

"You called him" I yell at him "out of all the fucking mafias you call this testa di merda" I continue to yell.

(Shit head)

Dax comes running in with his hand behind his back.

"Oh, shit" I hear Cristin say while walking in.

Romeo and Papà walk in with raised eyebrows.

Liam stumbles in then grin at the new face "Can I use the knife now Daddy?" I hear Liam question Dax.

"Shhh petit gars, mommy isn't supposed to know about that" Dax whispers to him.

(Little guy)

"You got him a fucking knife" I shout at Dax.

I've never felt so out of the loop.

"Why the fuck is he here and Liam go get the knife and bring it here now?" I shout and everyone goes quiet and I hear Liam run upstairs.

Stefano comes into the foyer with a bag of chips in hand with his wife trying to steal some "What did we miss?" They both grin.

I give both of them a deadly glare.

"Okay I called him to help us," Giovani says while taking a step away from me.

I take a deep breath trying to calm my rage building up inside me "Why?" I try to ask nicely.

The keyword try.

"To help with finding Alessandro" I scoff.

"And how is he going to help?" Nate steps into the foyer and closes the door.

"I have some information" I raise an eyebrow.

"Do tell" I say in a fake peppy tone.

"They are somewhere here in America" I give him a surprised look.

"Oh my gosh, no way, I can't believe he's still here," I say sarcastically.

"Okay, enough of the shit Silva let him speak," Romeo says and we all make our way to the dining room.

Liam comes back with his little pocket knife in hand.

I have him sit in my lap with Dax on my right and Giovani on my left and Nate sitting in front of us.

"Okay" I pause and look around at my family "Tell us what you know"


I know a short chapter but I just wanted to do some build-up before everything that happens in the next couple of chapters.

Thank you guys for reading my book and I can't believe I'm at 3k, I honestly was just writing this for fun expecting only to get a couple of reads, I even left this book alone for a while until it started to get more reads than I ever expected.

And thanks to people that vote for my chapters :)

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