Chapter 17

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Silva's POV

It's been 3 days of torture and starvation.

They only give me water for me to "survive" but honestly I wish they would just kill me already.

My wrist is broken and my shoulder is dislocated and my nose is broken.

The only reason I haven't escaped is that I want to know who's behind this.

Who is trying to kill me?

Why the fuck do they want me dead?

My head snaps to the door as I hear someone walk in.

"Ciao Silva" Matteo walks in smirking at me "I see you look very comfortable"

"Piccola cagna" I spit at him.

(Little bitch)

"Non è molto carino fica" he grins as the door opens again.

(That's not very nice cunt)

I frown and look at the figure that's at the door.

"Father," Matteo says and I get even more confused.

The man steps forward and my mouth drops.

"Merda santa" I mumble as I look at Luis Rodriguez.

(Holy shit)

"Surprised to see me pequeño," Luis says with a small smirk.

(Little one)

I shrug my good shoulder "I've gotten better surprises"

"Well I have a little bargain for you Silva" Luis walks over to the chair and looks down at me.

"Like I would take any of your bargains" I spit at him.

"Yeah but if you don't then I will kill your whole family even that baby you have" he pauses and thinks "Liam isn't it?" He quirks an eyebrow.

My blood runs cold "Touch any of my family and consider yourself dead beside him" I glare into his dark brown eyes.

"Well, I guess you will have to take my bargain because I would just hate to have to kill a kid" I nod as I keep my face stone cold.

"I want you to give me your little drug company and not some all of it" he pauses "I want all of it" he smirks at me while pressing down on my broken wrist.

I grit my teeth so I wouldn't scream.

I can't give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream.

He takes his hand off of my wrist and I take in a calming deep breath "So Silva do we have a deal?"

I look down at my lap as my blonde hair goes in front of my face.

I can't have him hurt my family.

Not again.

I look down at my necklace to see a small little red light blinking.

I frown at it but then smirk.

That little bastard.

"It's a deal but first I want to tell you how I'm going to get out of here" I smile sweetly as they both look at each other confused.

"You're not getting out of here alive Silva" Matteo spits out at me.

I grin wider "Well I will let you know that this place will explode in 15 minutes from the East entrance for a distraction"

They both look at each other and frown "Not the whole place of course but just the side of the house" I pause for dramatic effect "Then about 200 guys will come in from the South entrance and 300 guys from the North entrance and about 250 from the West. They will come in guns blazing and shoot all of your men dead" I twist my head to the side "Should I continue?"

"That won't happen on my grounds" Luis hisses as he looks pissed.

"Well after they shoot all of your men, 2 leaders, 3 underbosses, and my brother will be coming for me and both of you as well" they look at each other and smirk.

"And how do you know this is all going to happen?" Matteo asks.

"Well because I'm a leader and I have my ways of knowing things" I grin and sit back in the chair "10 more minutes"

Luis chuckles "They have no idea where you are so how are they going to find you?"

"So you think" I smirk.

"I know they don't" Luis' jaw ticks as he walks up to my chair.

"Go ahead Luis hit me" I scream at him "Hit me like you hit my mother when you kidnapped her and blamed it on Esteban" he takes his hand back and slaps me hard.

A small smile graces my lips "You slap like a little bitch"

Luis pushes my chair over making me slam my bad shoulder onto the ground.

Damn that hurt like a bitch.

I bit down on my lip till I'm tasting blood.

"That's where you belong bitch, on the ground under me" Luis growls out as I chuckle.

"Don't worry Luis, we will switch places soon while you on the ground and I'm above you" I pause and smirk up at him "Beating the shit out of you"

He takes his boot and kicks my stomach "Stop talking bitch or I will rape you like I raped your mother" he hisses out.

"Is that how Matteo is your son?" I ask as I look over at Matteo who has a stone-cold face on.

"Yep and he's just like me raping a woman who is below him" he slams his foot into my stomach again.

"2 more minutes" I cough out blood as I smirk at him.

"If I was you I would run because no one knows what's going on through those men's mind once they get their hands on you" I look over at Matteo "you're as good as dead" I lay my head onto the cold ground as I hear both the men whispering to each other.




I hear one of them whisper shout "Let's just run"


Luis says "what if she's wrong"




"And if she's not" Matteo glared at him.


"I doubt she's right, she has no way" Luis shouts at Matteo.



An explosive sound is heard through the house.

Both of the men look at each other before running out the door.

I smirk as my mind starts going dizzy.

I hear gunshots and people running around.

The door to my cell bursts open.

I hear footsteps walk over to my chair and look down at me.

"Silva" I hear someone whisper as they put their hand on my cheek.

I open my eyes to see Dax looking tired and relieved.

"Take me home" I whisper to him.

He takes off the ties around my wrists and ankles.

He picks me up slowly so he doesn't hurt me.

"I got her," Dax says through an earpiece.

"Let's go home ange" he places a kiss on my temple as I start to drift asleep.

I got into my comfortable darkness.

And snuggle into the place, I've now found peace.


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