Chapter 10

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It's been 2 days since the shooting and Dax still haven't woken up yet.

I'm starting to get worried so I go to my safe place.

An elementary school a couple of minutes from the mansion.

I dress in a black dress that went to my knees and flared out at the bottom but was tight at the top.

I put on my black heels and head to my car.

I drove my baby blue mustang there and sat down on a bench.

I've always loved this environment with happy kids and happy adults.

It reminds me of when my mother used to pick me up from school with a bright smile and her arms spread out ready for me to hug her.

The elementary school just let out and children are piling out to their parents.

I see a little boy walking out last and starts scanning for his parents but his green eyes land on me.

I freeze in my place.

It can't be.

This can't be my Liam.

His mouth opens wide and he starts grinning.

His brown hair is all messed up and he looks about 5 years old.

He starts running over towards me at full speed.

I see Joe calling for him and I frown.

Why the fuck is Joe here?

And why the fuck is he calling Liam's name?

Joe looks over at me and his face goes from shock to fear.

"MOMMY!" I feel two little arms wrap around my leggings.

"Liam?" I ask him while bending down to him.

"Yes mommy, it's me Liam" he grins widely and throughs his little arms around me.

I hug him back tight.

This is my son.

"How old are you buddy?" I ask him while pulling away.

He stands up tall and holds up five fingers "I'm this many"

"You have gotten so big" I comment while he puffs out his little chest.

"I'm going to be just like you mommy, I want to be strong and to beat people up," he says quietly so nobody can hear.

"Well bambino, it's going to take a lot of practice but you will be just like mommy" he smiles and looks over at Joe.

"Great Uncle Joe, guess what Mommy is here" he calls out and I see Joe slowly walk over to us.

"Oh my gosh, Silva what a coincidence," Joe says slowly.

"We will talk about this at the mansion" I growl at him.

He nods and we both look at Liam.

"Well, mommy are you going to take me home?" Liam asks and I look at Joe and he shrugs.

"Yeah bambino, Joe will drive you to mommy's house while mommy drives her car to her house, we will all meet there" I smile at Liam and he smiles back.

Joe takes Liam to his car while I take my car to the mansion.

I had Liam when I had just turned 18 and nobody knows about him except for my papà but that was only because he saw me when I was pregnant.

I walk into the house "Dax is awake" Giovani says.

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