Chapter 32

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Silva's POV:

Everyone is silent as the guard behind me drops.

I look up to see Nate now pointing the gun at Seb.

I grab whatever Alessandro put in my pocket.

It's a key.

I quickly place the key in the keyhole on my cuffs and they click open.

I grab a gun from the dead guard and point it at Seb.

"It's 2 against 1 now Seb" he turns my way to see me now pointing a gun at him.

He chuckles "Wow what a perfect little show you guys put on" he claps mockingly "You think I wouldn't bring back up" he pouts.

I see Adam and a group of guys walking with him.

Cars come circling us all of them pulling out guns and pointing them right at us.

We are fucked.

Dax's POV:

I stretch out my limbs and look for Silva's tiny body.

I come up empty.

My eyes shoot open.

I look beside me to find her gone and a note on her side.

My heart drops.


I grab it off the bedside table ripping it open.

Her handwriting was neatly written;

'Dear My Love,

When I first met you...I thought I was just meeting another one of my brother's friends that would tease me to no end but you were different. You teased me but you would always sneak into my room to apologize. When I faked my death the first person I wanted to find was you but I couldn't. I didn't want anyone to find me. But of course, my withdrawal from you couldn't only last so long. So I found you. You were so drunk that night that you convinced me to be drunk with you. I, of course, agreed and let myself be someone else but I couldn't be someone else. I wanted to tell you who I was so bad but after getting sloppy drunk and having sex...Yeah, not the best move so I decided to leave so that you wouldn't find out. When I found out I was pregnant with Liam I already knew he was yours and I wanted to keep him. So so so badly but I couldn't let him grow up the way I was and I didn't even know if I was going to be a great mother. When I finally revealed myself all I wanted to do was see you and when you ran after me I just wanted to spill everything to you. Every secret. Everything dark happened to me. But I'm too late. I've been in love with you since the first day you showed up playing with my brothers. I didn't know it then but I know it now and I know you're the love of my life. I will find you again.


I felt small tears coming down my cheeks.

I couldn't think about anything but finding her now.

I'm not going to stop.

I get up and go downstairs where I see everyone looking around in sadness.

Liam walks up to me and throws his arm around my leg "I miss mommy" I pick him up swiftly.

I let him cry on my shoulder as I try to pull myself together.

I see Silva's mom taking care of my daughter.


I won't allow her to grow up without a mother.

"Let's find her" I look at Giovani who is stiff.

He nods as he starts making phone calls to his connections.

Romeo and Silva's father walk-in "What can we do to help?" They both ask.

"We need connections" they both nod and start typing away on their phones.

Stefano and Cristin walk in with stern looks "This Seb, a guy who runs a gang in Italy, he's been trying to make his gang bigger after he killed the original leader and son for the spot" I nod at the new information Stefano is giving me.

He continues "I used to have a couple of guys in that gang" he spits out the last part.

"What's the name of this gang?" I raise an eyebrow.

"l'ombra del diavolo" I raise an eyebrow at him "The shadow of the devil," he says in English this time.

A knock comes on the door.

We all turn towards the foyer as Giovani quickly goes and grabs it.

He opens the door to...


"Sorry to be late to the party but we have some plans to go over," Phillips's calming voice says.

He looks different from the last I saw of him.

His dark skin looks a little paler like he hasn't gone out in the sun lately, his green/blue eyes look dole and lifeless, and his once flawless look now has flaws of sleep-deprived nights and alcohol.

"How did you?" I ask but he stops me quickly.

"Silva has already made a plan for this so we need to get this shit started" his voice becomes more raised as he walks inside and to the dining room.

I guess when a man loses his family he gets a little cranky and angry.

Probably due to him blaming himself.

He used to be so nice in the business but he knew how to keep things strict.

And now?

He's everyone's pain in the ass always snapping at people.

"Why are you helping us?" I ask as I set Liam down and he runs off to the kitchen to his grandmother.

"Silva and I made a deal 5 months ago and I plan on holding to it but I need your help" he pulls out a seat and gestures for everyone to sit as well.

I sit across from him.

"So what's the plan?"



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