Chapter 12

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(Back to Silva's POV)

I glared at Dax as he left.


Giovani glared at me hard which made me glare at him harder because I'm not about to be challenged by him.

"Why didn't you tell me Sil?" He croaks out with tears about to spill from his eyes.

I look down at the ground and sigh "I didn't want you to change my mind" I whisper out.

He chuckles softly "Hell Yeah I would have changed your mind, Silva this is your child! Do you know how much danger he's in when you aren't with him?" He shouts.

"I do know Giovani!" I shout back my hands balling up.

We were now right in front of each other.

Both of our faces said we were pissed as hell.

A soft smile graces his face.

"Look at that our first real fight" he smirks before backing away.

I shake my head "I'm sorry Gio" I whisper and I see his smirk grow into a grin.

"Sorry, what was that? Was that an apology by the one and only Silva De Luca?" He shouts while I roll my eyes.

I push him lightly "Don't make me shoot you now" I grin as I see his smile fade a bit.

"Whatever comes here Sil" he crashed me into a bone-crushing hug.

I sigh with contentment "You know you're my favorite half brother"

"I know" a soft smile graces his face.

"Okay enough of the sappy shit, we need to find out who the traitor is" I push him away as he chuckles softly.

Giovani moves to the files and starts pushing some of them away.

He finds one and hands it to me "I think he might be the person we are looking for"

"The guy I shot in the foot?" I glare at the picture on the top.

"Seems so, Hector was telling me how he would be locked up in his room for hours whispering to someone on the phone" Giovani sighs while running his hand through his hair.

I nod as I start looking through the file;

Name: Tony Garcia

I stop at his name.


Why does that last name sound familiar?

Then it hit me like a train.


"Garcia" Esteban shouts.

"Yes sir?" The man came walking into my cell as I lay on the floor.

"Make sure you take your turn to destroy her" Esteban walks away.

I felt a man grab my legs and spread them.

I scream as he violates my body.

*end of Flashback*

I grab the closet thing to me which just so happened to be a vase and chuck it at the wall.

"I want you to watch him, track all his calls and his whereabouts if you get something lock him up" I grit out.

"Got it boss" Giovani nods.

He walks out while I try to calm myself down.

I sit down on my desk chair and look through his file more.

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