Chapter 21

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The whole room goes silent.

"Liam can you go upstairs so Daddy and I can have an adult conversation with your uncle" Liam nods and runs up to his room.

I look over at Alessandro "Told him what?"

"That I'm dating Adam" my eyes go wide.

"How did that go?" Dax asks as we both wait for Alessandro to reply.

"He just stared at me then started laughing"

Oh fuck.

"Where is Adam?" I ask quickly as I get up and start pacing.

I fucking hate pacing but at this moment Alessandro doesn't know how our father is about these things.

"I'm right here" Adam walks in with a bag of Cheetos in his hands.

"Are you seriously eating my Cheetos?" I glare at him as I stop pacing.

"No" he draws out as he hides the bag behind his back.

"Wait Silva why are you stressing?" My eyes go wide again.

"Did you tell Romeo that you were coming here?" Alessandro nods slowly.

"Oh fuck" I mutter as I grab Adam by the ear and throw him on the couch.

"Okay, so what's about to happen next none of you are prepared for" they all look at me like I'm crazy "Romeo is going to come in here and put up a gun to both of your heads" I point to both Dax and Adam.

"What did I do?" Dax asks with a confused look on his face.

"Well, I guess he found out who the father of the child is" Dax's lips go into an o shape.

"Anyways he's going to ask who wants to die first, and you both say if it means I'm dying for the person I love then he's going to lower his gun to your dick and then ask you, are using my kids for sex and you both are going to say no then he's going to shot you in your thigh" Dax shots up.

"Why the fuck the thigh and not my arm?" Dax questions as he glares down at me.

"I don't want to lose my dick" I hear Adam mumble.

"Because he's an asshole don't be surprised" I glare at him as I see a smirk go onto his face.

He leans into my ear "Your sexy when you're angry" I roll my eyes at him.

I hear a slow knock on the door.

"He's here" I run over to the door and open it slowly.

"Romeo," I say smiling "Papà?" I tilt my head to the side and let them both in.

"Where are the boys, Silva?" Romeo asks calmly almost too calmly.

"Living room why?" I ask as we begin walking into the living room.

Papà and Romeo walk straight up to Dax and Adam.

Alessandro stood beside me as we watched the shit show in front of us happen.

Of course, I was right.

Adam got shot in the thigh while Dax going shot in the shoulder.

Papa and Romeo smirked before helping the guys out.

"We are one fucked up family" Alessandro mumbled.

I chuckle "I'm going to go get Liam"

I walk up the stairs and into Liam's room.

Just a few days ago we had this room all done to Liam's liking.

It was light blue with sports stickers everywhere.

His tiny bed is in the middle of the room with a dresser in the back corner.

I walked over to Liam who was laying on his bed playing with his toys.

"Hey, bambino" I push his hair back a little as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I missed you a lot mommy" I hug him tighter.

A soft knock comes to Liam's door as Giovanni pushes it open.

I smile as he comes into the room.

"Papà and Romeo are taking Dax and Adam to the hospital" I nod as Liam goes back to playing with his toys.

"Can we talk about why they took you?" I nod as I kiss Liam on his forehead before standing up and walking toward my office.

Once we walked in I closed the door behind me.

"You remember in Italy when I said I borrowed money from a gang and said I paid them back" Giovanni nods as I sigh "I never paid them back because I thought they would never get big but turns out I was wrong" I take a seat at my desk.

I look up to see Giovanni glaring at me "You never paid them back" he almost screams at me.

"I didn't think they would get big" I shout back at him.

Giovanni puts his fingers on his temps rubbing them.

"The weird thing is, is that they want me? Why would they want me?" I sit down on an office chair and start thinking.

Giovanni's eyes go big "Wait didn't you date a guy in that gang?"

I glare at him "I didn't date him he was obsessed with me" I stop my sentence "You don't think?"

"I do think" I sigh deeply.

"We have to find out where they are and kill him" Giovanni nods.

"Have you killed Matteo yet?" I shook my head no.

"He might know the name of the guy and the gang" Giovanni tries to reassure me.

"That doesn't make sense" I shake my head "if he took over the gang I owed money to then he either killed the leader or is the son"

"Something's off about this" Giovanni seats down in front of me.

"Until we find out what that gang is up to and who is running it I want guards everywhere and family protected" Giovanni nods as he leaves my office.

"Gio" he stops in his steps and looks at me "If anything happens to me take care of Liam for me"

"Nothing is going to happen to you Sil" I softly smile at him.

He knows what I mean by it even though he doesn't want to admit it if anything ever did happen to me he would protect my family.

Liam is my top priority.

He's my son.

I get up from my chair and look at today's date.

I frown.

I go to my bathroom and look through my drawers.

Once I find what I needed.

I use to the bathroom and set the stick down on the bathroom sink facing down.

I wait the 3 minutes.

The longest 3 minutes of my life.

I look at the stick.

My body goes numb.

Holy shit.

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