Chapter 4

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I duck while a vase is flying in the air towards me "That was 500 thousand dollars asshole"

Let me explain how we got here:

"We have much to discuss Alessandro," Papà said, putting his hand down once Alessandro didn't shake it.

"What would you like to discuss with Jones?" Alessandro says with a confused face, I could see how defensive he's getting, what is he hiding?

"Well I don't know if Silva has told you but I am the former leader of the American Mafia" Papà starts "I am wondering if you would like to take my place?" Papa looked at him already knowing the answer that he is going to give.

Alessandro stood there in shock "I-I can't betray my brother" he said while shaking his head "I know we just met but I can't do that to my family" he explains, and he's right he can't because he's good as dead if he took it, it would be a huge slap in the face to Stefano and the Italian mafia, his head would be on a stick.

I mean he would be tortured, dead then brought back to life just so they can kill you again, yeah those guys don't fuck around when you betray the family.

My head is just waiting for a stick.

Papa nods and then turns to me "Silva, you know what this means" I turn towards him and smile softly.

I nod "I will become an American Mafia Leader"

And that's when all hell broke loose.

Alessandro was so shocked that he took a cheap shot at papà and of course, Papà then threw a punch back.

Giovani was able to put them on different sides of the room but that sure as hell didn't help anybody.

Then Alessandro faced me and grabbed the closest thing to him, my very expensive vase.

"Seriously Alessandro, would you stop this hissy fit?" I yelled while walking towards him, my anger now getting the best of me, my fingernails were digging into my palms, and I swear I felt blood trickle drown my fingers.

He glared at me and walked towards me as well making us meet in the middle, his anger matching mine.

I felt like I needed to show him that I was ready, that I wanted to fight for myself and show him just how strong I am, that I'm not a child anymore.

"Silva this is a dangerous business" he growled at me, his voice dark and deep, he was pissed but not as pissed as I am.

"Oh like I don't know that" sarcasm dripped from my voice, I stood my ground, my eyes are hard, my jaw tight as we glared at each other,

He grabbed my arm tightly "This isn't where you belong" and then I lost it.

"Where do I belong then, Alessandro? In a cell or on the arm of some man, standing beside him looking like a stuck-up bitch with loads of money?" I hissed at him "This is where I belong, I don't belong on a man's arm. I was beaten to death in a cell with little to no food or water and I was raped multiple times. I've been through hell and back and I'm ready for this. I've been through the training process for this for years and I waited all this time until papà was able to meet you and ask if you wanted it but I already knew the answer. I already knew you wouldn't want it so you wouldn't betray Stefano. I haven't been with the family in years and I couldn't give a flying fuck if I died. At least I would know I died with a family behind me and not a family who hates me. If you have a fucking problem then get the fuck out of my warehouse" I slowly backed away from him, my anger now coming from my body in waves, I felt like I just shared my darkest secrets with the one person that would never want to know about this.

The guilt slowly started to build but I pushed it back down hard.

I don't want to feel this right now, I would rather feel it later.

None of my family knew what happened to me when I was kidnapped and I didn't attend to tell him this way.

He slowly backed away with pain and sorrow written on his face.

Alessandro stormed out of the warehouse leaving me alone with Papà and Giovani, I stared at the spot that Alessandro was just at, the look on his face.

"Silva" Giovani's voice cracked as he said my name "Did that happen?"

I nodded slowly "I'm going to go to bed, it's been a long night" I slowly walk away to my bedroom, my words finally processing as soon as I get into my room, it felt like I weighed the world on my shoulders.

Why do I even feel guilty? This is my family now, they care about me, and they see the potential in me to be their new leader.

I slide into my bed and lay down on the soft mattress.

I thought this night would have ended on a better note with a somewhat connected family, silly me, my family is fucked up no matter how you see it.

A soft knock came on my door.

I honestly didn't want to talk to anybody right now but the person that knocked came in and I guess I have no privacy in this place even though I own it.

"Silva?" It was Papà.

I stayed quiet as Papà sat down on my bed.

"I'm sorry for how everything turned out Silva, if I knew this would have happened I shouldn't have come over" I could feel the guilt he was pouring out, this wasn't his fault, we all knew what was going to happen we just didn't know how Alessandro was going to react, and it's not like he could have stopped the stuff that happened to me.

"Papà it's not your fault," I say softly "I was going to tell him either way," I say now rolling over to face him.

"I'm sorry Silva," Papà says again, I have decided to change the subject, we need to talk about something else.

"When do I move to California?" I ask softly, I sit up and slide my knees to my chest trying to think of something else than my family.

He sighs "As soon as possible, I let Joseph know that you will be coming soon" he smiles as he looks over at me with a small smile.

I nod a smile slowly creeping onto my lips "Okay I will leave tomorrow, I'm tired of Italy right now"

He sighs "It's okay Silva, you're going to be a great leader," he says giving me one final hug before getting ready to leave but I stop him before he could leave.

"Can Giovani come?" I ask Papa, and he turns around to look at me.

He smiles slowly "Of course, he can also be your underboss, Joseph is looking for retirement anyways" he chuckles softly as he moves to the door.

"Retirement my ass, he just wants to be with his wife and daughter," I say smiling as Papa lets out another chuckle.

"That is right, I'm going back to my hotel, Andrea is waiting for me and she's probably pissed" he sighs as he finally walks out the door.

"Tell mama I said hi" I yell out as I lay in my bed and wait for Gio.

Andrea was like my second mom when she found out that I was one of the kids her husband had while they were on their "break" she was happy that her husband was able to get a daughter.

She took me in after we got through a few rough patches.

It wasn't super easy at first but after a while of fighting her husband and beating him, she started rooting for me and not her husband.

"I will," he yells back as I smile.

And before Gio could get to my room, I was already half asleep and fell asleep.

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