Chapter 3

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His mouth was wide open, the shock on his face didn't even say how shocked he is, I mean how do you explain that your dad isn't your actual dad.

Then he laughed.

He started laughing so hard that tears were coming down his face, he was hutches over, almost falling onto the ground slapping his knee,

"That was funny Sil, now what do you have on mom?" He looked at me still with a very serious face, the laughter already dying out in the air, as I just looked at him,

"Wait, wait one fucking second, you mean to tell me that we are siblings while our other brothers are only half-siblings?" He started raising his voice and I looked away awkwardly.

"Sí," I say firmly.

I looked back at him and he looked like he was going to go all hulk mood.

I've never seen his face so red before and his fist was clenched together so tight that his knuckles were turning white.

"So who is our father?" He hissed out while standing up and started pacing, this is not good, this could end in one of two ways and neither of them is a good option.

"Well I've met him before, he's a nice man and he lives in New York" I smile softly remembering meeting my actual father.

"How would mom do this to dad? They are in love aren't they?" Alessandro yelled out while he continued to pace almost like he didn't know what to say or think honestly.

"Alessandro, if you don't calm the fuck down and sit beside me and let me explain how all this shit was found out, I will put a fucking bullet in your dick" I yelled at him while pointing to the seat beside me and narrowing my eyes at him when he almost sits in the exact spot that I was pointing at now.

I feel like an angry mom scolding their child but he knows I don't like it when people pace.

He takes a deep breath and sits back down "Sorry sorella, I just can't believe that we are the only full siblings" he laid his head on my shoulder and a deep sigh came out of him.

"It's okay, I punched a wall when I found out but I always knew we were different than the rest" I pause and awkwardly pat his head "Once upon a time-" I was cut off by a groan.


I smack the back of his head "Do you want me to tell you?"

He groans again and rubs the back of his head "Fine" he mumbled as he leaned back into the couch.

"Once upon a time, mom and Romeo got into a fight, so mom packed her bags and lived with one of her girlfriends. Then when they went clubbing mom had a one-night stand or so she thought. The man was everything Romeo wasn't but she couldn't love the man because of Romeo. So she went back to Romeo but didn't realize that they were so drunk that night that he didn't wear a condom. Then when she was pregnant she thought it was Romeo's but it wasn't. They had you, but guess what happened again, mom got into a huge argument with Romeo and she went to live with a one-night stand man. They ended up using unprotected sex again and had me, the thing is, is that Romeo knows I'm not his child, he knew sense he saw my blonde hair and not black and light green eyes instead of hazel. When mom came back with a baby in her hands and told Romeo that she made a mistake with the other man, it wasn't him, Romeo loving mom too much to care, and he let her back in. Everyone was so young that nobody knew I was the odd kid out. When we celebrated birthdays, you guys always got the most expensive birthdays while I got the less expensive birthdays, I always got less expensive Christmas gifts. I also looked very different than everyone else but nobody said anything because they all knew I wasn't Romeo's kid" I look over at Alessandro and he's now tugging on his hair trying to remember birthdays and Christmas'.

"How could I have not known?" He was trying to think of the past.

"It's not like you could have known" I lay my hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him, I mean honestly nobody knew about it, even when I did speak to my father about it, he was constantly looking over his shoulder like he was waiting for something to happen.

It was hard for me to show him emotion.

I haven't shown remorse in years, honestly any emotion.

He laid his head on my lap while hugging my waist as a few tears rain from his face and onto my lap, I pat his head awkwardly, his emotions are bugging me now as I try to act as a supportive sister should.

"It's okay Al" but was it okay? Of course not, this whole family is fucked up, and they just expect us kids to handle it, and deal with it.

Once he pulled himself together and wiped off his tears.

He sat up a little bit and put his face in his hands trying to get his emotions back on track.

"What's he like?" Alessandro's voice was soft and broken.

"Murderess but nicer" I frown trying to describe our father.

He's the leader of the American Mafia, he's not some handsome sweet guy.

He's cruel.

But in a way he's the best father I have ever had, well he's the only father that I've known, Romeo wasn't that great of a father and when he was he was training us to become a part of the family.

He's taught me everything I know from guns to better fighting skills to how to be a family even if not all of us were full blood-related.

A loud knock came on my door.

Giovanni goes to the door as I stayed to comfort Alessandro.

"Papà?" I frown while looking at our father, now standing in the living room staring at us both before finally looking at me.

"Silva" he greets me.

He still looks the same as he did when I first met him except for the graying in his dirty blonde hair, he was tall with a muscular body, and he was wearing his famous Armani suit.

"Way to keep it classy" I walk over to him and give him a tight hug, letting his fatherly warmth surround me, it's been too long since I've seen him or that he has come to Italy.

"Always classy for meeting my son" we both look over at Alessandro, who is looking around like he just stepped into an alternate universe before his eyes come back to us like he's finally realized that what I was saying is real.

It was almost amusing.

I kept a giggle from going past my lips, his face has some complex look like he's about to take a shit, it keeps getting harder when my father steps closer to him.

"Alessandro, this is our father, Jones Williams" Alessandro just stared at us as our father had a hand out ready for him to shake.

Then all hell broke loose.

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