Chapter 11

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*mature content*
(Read at your own risk)

Dax's POV

So much information has been brought to light after not seeing her for almost 7 years and realizing it's only been 5 years since the last time I saw her.

I don't understand why she didn't tell me it was her.

It didn't even look like her, maybe I had too many drinks that night.

As we walked into her office Joesph was pacing like a mad man running his hands through his brown hair.

He was so fucked.

Silva cleared her throat.

She hated when people paced.

Joseph looked at her and sighed "Silva I wanted to tell you but I didn't figure it out tell Jones said something and I looked up the files on Liam" Joseph starts.

"Well, it would have been nice if you would have told me," Silva says calmly.

Almost too calmly.

"Listen, Silva, I was going to tell you and I told Liam about you and how you were a badass mom but I didn't know the right time" he sighs and slumps down on the white couch.

"It's okay Joe" Silva takes a deep breath "I honestly didn't want to find him but I'm glad you raised him for a bit, I would rather have you than someone else" she pats Joseph on his shoulder.

"Joseph if you wouldn't mind but I need to have a few words with Silva," I say calmly and Silva's eyes widen.

Joseph nods and walks out of the office.

I sit down on her desk and look at her.

She had on a black dress that made her body look more than appetizing and her blonde hair was just slightly curled and her green eyes looked me right in blue ones.

"After all these years Silva" I start "Why didn't you tell me I had a son?"

"I didn't want him to grow up like this" she starts and sits down in the spot Joseph was in.

She puts her hands through her blonde locks "I didn't want him to be using guns by the age of 6 and learning to kill people by 8. I didn't want him to grow up as I did, I didn't want him to be a monster like me" I frown at her words.

"Silva this is our child, we don't have to have Liam learning mafia doings until he's 12 or 15 but we need to take care of this child together. He will become the leader of the French-American mafia one day. No matter what we do Silva, he will become a leader because he has no siblings" I walk over and sit beside her.

"I'm scared for him Dax, what if something happens to us or him or you, what do I tell him? He's not just anybody's child, he's my child and almost every Italian hates me right now" she sighs while laying her head on my shoulder.

"They may hate you but they don't hate me, if they lay a finger on you or Liam consider them dead" I growl while pulling her closer to me.

She smirks "And what are you going to do about it" she whispers in my ear.

Well fuck.

"Kill them" I answer confidently.

She gets on top of me while straddling my lap "Is that so?" She raised her eyebrow while moving her hands up and down my chest.

"Yep," My breath hitches as she starts unbuttoning my shirt.

She slowly glides her hands onto my chest and I lean my head back I'm going to enjoy every bit of this.

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