Chapter 24

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Silva's POV:

It's been a week since Dax died.

Everyone kept tiptoeing around me waiting for me to break.

But I wouldn't let Seb have the satisfaction.

I wouldn't let him see me weak.

I didn't sleep much anymore.

Everything just seemed to go by in a blur.

Days combined with others.

I just sat in our room.

Liam would ask where daddy was but I couldn't bring myself to tell him.

Tell him that his father died because of me.

Today is going to make it real.

Today is his funeral.

Giovani seemed on guard all the time as if he was hiding something.

I can read people like the back of my hand.

I got up from bed and took a deep breath from the button-up shirt he would wear sometimes.

It still smelled like him.

His forestry scent still lingered everywhere.

It helped with sleeping sometimes.

I crawled out of bed and went to our closet grabbing my black knee-length dress.

It fit me in all the right places.

I slipped on a pair of black heels.

I let my blonde hair come down in small waves.

I brought myself downstairs to see my family dressed in all black.

All of my brothers with straight faces.

Dax's parents showed up from France his mother with tears running down her face.

Liam came running over to me.

Dressed in a black suit.

He looks just like Dax.

His dark brown hair and his tanned complexion.

"Mommy when is daddy coming home" I bend down to his level.

"I'm sorry bambino but daddy isn't coming home" I see a small tear come down his face "Daddy passed away and we are going to go see him" Liam through his arms around me crying softly.

I let a tear slide down my face.

I picked up my son as we all walked to our cars.

Giovani and I were in the same car.

I slipped into the back seat with Liam still clinging to me.

Giovani drove us to the church.

I see people around going in with tears in their eyes.

I felt cold.

My mood changed in a flash.

I looked at Liam and wipe away his tears "Bambino we will not show them that we are weak, we are strong when we go in there, we will not let the person get away bambino" Liam wipes away the rest of his eyes and put a frown face.

As Giovani parked the car he turned around and looked at me "Did you look in the drawer yet?"

I told Giovani what Dax told me but I couldn't look at it.

I didn't want to know what was hidden behind the closed drawer.

I shake my head no.

He nods before opening his door, he runs around and grabs my door handle letting me get out with Liam.

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