Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Ok  so my story is starting to wrap up and I will be finished with the  story in a bit. So I know that my grammar and wordplay isn't the best,  but for a first time writer it was ok....I hope. Anyway I will be posting  another Naruto fanfic of when Naruto trains with himself during the  month break between the final chunnin exams. Heads up on this I will be  making Naruto stronger but at a realistic rate (if you hear my reason's  on realistic) so yeah later people.

The people of konoha  had a very good morning. I mean who wouldn't? the sun was shining the  birds were chirping and they saw their saviour alive and top  it all off his girlfriends were chasing after him while aiming at  either his head or jewels.

'AAAHHHH tayuya stop! AAAHHH I mean all  of you stop!' screamed Naruto as he was dodging things ranging from  fireballs to toilets....where they got them he doesn't know.

'You  white haired bastard! You not only nocked up us, but you also nocked up  four other women in the process of getting back home!' screamed tayuya  as she was running with ryuzetsu on the roofs while kusami and temari  were on the road.

Watching this on hashirama's head were kaguya, ruby, moka and the other Moca. Who had brought popcorn.

Kaguya  was chuckling at the sight. After Naruto showed the girls his memories  and then allowing them to pop up out of the seal the girls started to  twitch, and when they did.....naruto disappeared in a hurry only to be  caught out by saya in nature mode.

While Naruto was running he  remembered all the times tayuya had chased him like this and how much he  forgotten he liked the thrill of it.


Naruto widened his could he forget those....

Naruto  suddenly stopped watching as a person flew over him.....since when did  tayuya or his girls start to throw people? Naruto watched as his girls  came running towards him with a fist prepared...oh this was going to hurt  if it didn't work.

Naruto went on one knee and opened his hand  that held something that would make a bond that was almost impossible to  break. With a few words the girls stopped.

'Will you marry me?' asked Naruto as he held four rings towards them.

The  ring on the left (their left so Naruto's right) was mostly red with a  blue sapphire in the middle of it. That ring made saya widen her eyes  and smile a bit.

Next to the red and blue ring was a red with brown ring, which drew tears from tayuya's eyes.

The  one next to it was a pale purple with a white diamond centred in the  middle. Ryuzetsu let go of a kunai in her hand and smiled.

Next came a golden ring with an emerald in the middle, which made temari smile very widely.

Their answer was simultaneous

'YES!' screamed the four girls hugging the life out of Naruto.

(Kage tower)

Minato  sighed as he was teaching Mito how to become hokage since he had chosen  her to be his successor due to her effort in the war.

Minato  rubbed his head as he watched Mito complain and walk out of the office  saying a hokage didn't need to do paperwork only protect the villager  when needed.

Suddenly Minato heard a scream going through the  village, looking towards the likely area of the source he found where it  came from.

Naruto getting hugged to death by his four girlfriends...

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