Chapter 24

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Hey people I'm back with a new chapter sooooo yeah enjoy. Also since I was the creator of the time devil, I would like if other authors who are planning to use the time devil tell me first, and ask for permission for the technique, since it's my first own jutsu I made up, although I will say I got some help by others. So yeah just let me know if you want to use the time devil and how you are going to use it. (Kunai seal-time devil only)

Don't own Naruto and other things mentioned.

'Son of a bitch!' screamed Naruto while dodging millions of arrows all through a thin walkway inside of a cave. He had finally found the place hashirama had told him about, and it was a complete death trap, seriously if he couldn't heal almost instantly from both blacklight, kusami and his own rapid regeneration technique, it would almost be impossible to get through if you didn't have some sort of regeneration ability or stupidly high reaction time.

Now while Naruto had both, he didn't want to make it too easy for himself, so he had restricted himself with additional seals to slow his movement time along with not using his time devil.

Looking up Naruto sees a door in the distance, looking back Naruto hears a thundering sound, looking more closely he sees something moving.....'OH FUCK!' with that Naruto dashed as a massive boulder started to move towards him.

While Naruto was running, he had noticed that the boulder had gotten closer and closer to him, geez it was like a movie scene he had seen while in the techno world (Prototype/our world). What was it called again... oh right Indiana jones something something (I don't own).

Seeing the door right ahead, Naruto dolphin dived right through the door while doing a front flip and pointing the finger at the boulder standing in front of the door.

'Hahaha suck it stupid rock! I will never fall to the likes of you!' said Naruto pulling his eyelid down to his jaw and sticking his tong out towards the boulder.

'Hahaha I didn't know that there was other humans with such a personality' said a pleasant to hear voice, coming directly behind Naruto.

When Naruto heard a voice, he was instantly on guard. Doing a quick release of his seals, and a quick twist of the body, Naruto stared straight at him and gaped.

There were two women there; the one on the left was the most beautiful out of the two and the most exotic.

The woman stood somewhere at 6 '3' with green wavy hair that reached mid back, she had two soft brown eyes, a cute small noes and a gentle smile on her face, her skin tone was also a light pale colour.

Traveling his eyes down he sees that the woman was also wearing a green kimono that was designed with roots traveling along the entire kimono.

But what really caught his attention were the easily visible G-cup breasts which wear hiding behind the kimono, not sagging in the slightest..... Tsunade had nothing on the woman.

Going down, he sees that she had no footwear on however the grass beneath her feat looked richer and colourful.

Moving his eyes to the girl on the right, he had thought that he saw a younger Mito uzumaki.

There stood another red-head, she had crimson hair that went down to her hips in a similar shape of kushina's hair, she had purple eyes, cute button noes and a pail skin type, which was just a bit less than the usual uchiha skin type.

Like the green goddess next to her. She wore a green and red kimono with trees sprouting from the bottom of the kimono and traveling towards her shoulders.

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