Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Enjoy. Also I do not own any anime characters from different shows, although I do own the 'time devil' so yeah enjoy again.

'I feel so peaceful....must be because I'm knocked out huh' said Naruto floating with many building like he had seen when in the techno world surrounding him. Floating towards a window, he looked at his reflection.

There stood his reflection. Let's see, shoulder length spike White hair with crimson tips? Check, sun kissed skin he gained from his training? Check, cerulean blue eyes? Yep.

Looking at his cloths he huffed, he should really change, so why not?

Snapping his fingers he watched as his cloths changed. He now wore a long red sleeved shirt under a black vest jacket, which had all the buuji names around a rinnegan and tomoe around the buuji's names. Looking at his hands, he watched as black gloves with a red underhand colour appeared and took its place on his hands.

Moving down to his legs he watched as his former pants changed into red anbu pants with black shinobi sandals without the toe opened. Looking at himself again, he noticed he had forgotten a few things.

Snapping his fingers again, he watched as black arm guards (anbu arm guards) appeared on top of his red long sleeve shirt and white bandages wrapped around his thighs, and a ninja equipment pouch appeared and attached itself just above the bandages.

Looking back up to his face, he tilted his head. Didn't he have sun kissed skin and he was pretty sure he didn't have a maniac grin on his face.

Deciding to pull some faces, he watched as his mirror image just hold onto the same manic smile and laugh while he did the faces. Shrugging he poked the window.

Crack...oh that doesn't sound good.

Crack, crack, crack....oh shit if this blows up his brain or something he is sooo getting kusami on his ass again.

Not paying attention he missed the copy of him grin even more, before he walked out of the mirror and stood in front of Naruto.

'Thank you for releasing me. Now I'm just going to kill you and take your body ok?' and with that the Cnaruto (copy Naruto) bisected the real Naruto with a pitch black katana he created. Cnaruto could only smile, sure this fool hadn't trained in the spiritual arts at all, but he was certain he was stronger than a normal human (can't learn anything with Ki involved only spiritual, and he just awoke when Naruto entered this part of mindscape)

Looking down his jaw dropped, he was watching as Naruto's bisected body come back together. Soon Naruto was back up and looked straight at Cnaruto.

Naruto seriously couldn't believe what had happened; he just got bisected by his own copy! What the actual fuck! I mean sure he heals nearly anything and can revive himself, but it still hurt dammit!

Looking up towards his clone he shook his fist 'Hey what's your problem you asshole! I was busy thinking! I bet you sooo want your ass kick isn't that right dattebayo!' said Naruto pointing a finger at the pure white version of him.

Cnaruto just blinked, well it seems that this human wasn't so weak after all; maybe he had overlooked his spiritual technique and missed a self-healing technique. Getting out of his thoughts Cnaruto looked at Naruto and pointed his sword at him.

'Don't know what spiritual technique you just did was, but I will kill you and take control of your body, and what's worse is that you don't even have your zanpakuto out. For that I will kill you!' with that Cnaruto dashed at Naruto, who just tilted his head to the left, what the hell was he on about?

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