Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Another chapter because I had nothing to do, and very bored so yeah enjoy again...

(6 months later-hidden cave)

Senpo Mokuton: true several thousand hands!

Suddenly the cave shook, soon following the cave was shaking, the source? A massive Buddhist with thousands of fists surrounding it in multiple columns. Resting on the head of the Buddhist statue was none other than Naruto otsutsuki.

Naruto was sweating like a pig, the technique took him 6 months to complete, the sage mode only took 2 weeks but what really made the mokuton technique hard, was the core junction of needing to move the wood into the correct position, his many failed attempts made proof of that, unless you wanted a structure of kusami with nine thousand tails, he faintly heard a happy yip but didn't know for sure kusami was very quiet for the past few months.

Training with Gaia and saya was fun for Naruto, he got to outclass saya in nearly everything including gardening, which Gaia forced them to work on as she was Mother Nature and dam she could scare juubi if she tried.

Looking down towards the ground Naruto saw saya and Gaia with open mouths, the technique he had shown was not meant to be taught in six months, it was a technique that would take years to do, although Naruto could have finished it earlier if he had made kagebushins to help him out.

'HEY! GAIA-CHAN, SAYA-CHAN I DID IT! PRETTY COOL HUH? Screamed Naruto down towards the two women on the ground (have a look at the technique and you will see why I need to put caps for them to hear)

Gaia was shocked, it took saya two and a half years to make a quarter of the size Naruto had just produced, and that was over two times the actual size, I mean sure she could create one that's bigger than the planet but she was a freaking GOD who had unlimited energy, but Naruto a HUMAN who had LIMITED energy could create a bigger version of the intended size and looked like he didn't feel the strain from the technique, saya could now make a proper sized Buddhist for the technique but couldn't hold on the technique for more than thirty minutes, although to be fair she could finish any fight if she summoned the Buddhist technique almost instantly.

Looking up towards Naruto she smiled, looks like he finished her training early while saya, who had finished yesterday, finished around the same time as hashirama when learning nature sage mode and Senpo mokuton: true several thousand hands.

Saya was shocked, Naruto only needed six MONTHS to do both sage mode training and Senpo mokuton true several thousand hands training, while she understood the sage mode as he had shown both of them his duo now trio sage modes beforehand, the ultimate wood technique should of taken years to finish and that made her a bit jealous....until Naruto wrapped her in a hug.

'Saya-chan we did it! We finished Gaia-Chans training! Now she has to make us ramen as she promised!' said Naruto holding onto the redhead, who, at this moment began to hug Naruto back as she had gotten used to Naruto's energetic nature.

Gaia simply shook her head, Naruto could only think of his stomach after an achievement like this....he was interesting and fun.

Gaia looked toward the two the uzumaki and otsutsuki both looking at her expectantly while holding their hands out, once again shaking her head, she summoned some wood into a bowl with pure water being placed within the two bowls, soon she grew the noodles and toppings to add onto it, she then heated the bowls up and created two chopsticks for both Naruto and saya. Although the chopsticks weren't needed as both Naruto and saya ate the ramen almost instantaneously when they saw that the cooking part was complete.

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