Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Enjoy. Also for the purpose of knowing which moka is which. pink haired moka will be spelt like this: Moca while silver haired moka is just moka. Also the hollow name kage speaks in bold. Peace.



'I hate most humans....'


'Oh c'mon girls! It will be fun! And from what I already heard there is always something going on! Besides this will be different since it's not a school for monsters! Don't you want to know how the classes are different?' asked Naruto while looking at his four girlfriends Moka, Ruby, kaguya and Moca (read top bold writing for who Moca is).

'I did not go to school and graduate to go back to school! Know your place!' said moka kicking Naruto in the face, only for him to raise an eyebrow at her.

'Well I guess the training is doing well for you and you are improving so I guess that's a benefit' said Naruto as he could actually feel the kick to his just didn't hurt.

Kaguya sighed, Naruto wanted to go to the school because he was curious.....look how his curiosity turned out in yokai academy. He pulled in 4 girlfriends, including herself, who left their dimension and agreed to be sealed within him for the dimension jumps to make sure they didn't go else ware... she bets he just wants to meet more people.

Ruby however just agreed as she liked to listen to Naruto's request. Much more than tsukune.

Moca just pouted. Naruto just wanted to cause hell there, she knew because he did in her dimension.

Eventually all four girls just sighed before agreeing, as they might as well since finding the stupid dimension seals are almost based on luck entirely. I mean Naruto found the dimension seal on the Rosario that held the schools personal dimension seal to block humans from seeing them of feeling them.

Seriously? How the hell did Naruto manage to find it?

'Yes! Ok so I signed us up for third year. Cause I want us to try get student council, I mean who could turn us down!' said Naruto with his fist in the air....only to receive silence.

'You just want to make ramen a school dish.....' replied kaguya who face palmed her delicate features for the stupidity of what is called Naruto. Both moka's agreed along with ruby.

That caused Naruto to drop his head....why were they against ramen....

'Oh well!, let's get to class!' said Naruto as he teleported them to the front gate already dressed in his custom school uniform, which was just the regular uniform with the colours being red and black. Kaguya had white with black for hers, with moka having hers white with red, and the Moca had pink with red.

Ruby however just wore the normal school uniform.....

Ruby looked at all the others look at her with a tilt of their heads...which made ruby blush a bit as she forgot to customise her shirt and skirt.

'well I managed to make us all have the same classes, thank the sharingan for that, and first up is.....ENGLISH (language class as it is in japan)!' said Naruto with his fist In the air....only to have all the students look towards him and laugh..... With made Naruto have a miniature storm cloud over him which sent lightning strikes hitting his hair and making it spikier.

That was how Naruto was for the rest of the day, as well as bored...seriously he was like the only one who wanted to go to school as teachers sabotaged him back in the elemental nations as a young kid, well his blood clone was sabotaged anyway.

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