Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

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On top of a lake stood two people, these 'people' were the representation of power.

The one on the left had silver spiky hair with crimson tips that went to his lower back with a part of his hair slightly covering his right eye which was red with 3 tomoe spinning In its eye, the same could be said for the left eye. He wore nothing but a black singlet and fingerless gloves he had formed for himself just then along with long black shaggy pants that were tied up to his ankles with red bandages. His shoes were just plain black sneakers. This man was Naruto Otsutsuki The supposed white streak, the kami no shinobi and the time devil.

The man across him was called Lucifer. The man wore no top and simply wore loose long pants with short black boots. He also had black wings prodding from his back he had simple shaggy black hair that went past his ears and stopped mid neck along with two horns prodding his forehead. Although his most distinguished part were his eyes, which were crimson like Naruto's however without the three tomoe within them.

The two of them looked at each other with nothing but a stare. Slowly Lucifer drew his blade from nothingness and Naruto unsealed his. Both went into a stance they knew and waited for their moment to strike.

On the other side of the lake stood both the lady of the lake, and one hydra head. They had noticed that Naruto woke up, but before they could talk to him he sent them both towards the other end of the lake with a little difficulty as the hydra was quite large and all. However as soon as Naruto moved them the true king of hell appeared....Lucifer.

The lady of the lake gasped as she saw him appear. Until she noticed that he was connected to Naruto through the soul, which brought her some grief that one so pure had once had a heart of pure darkness.

Naruto studied Lucifer with his sharingan; waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike... it was nerve wracking. He was fighting Lucifer....someone who called himself a 'true devil' in his own words and was showing it by being stupidly hard to predict even with his sharingan at level three tomoe.

The two of them stood still for a few moments...before launching at each other at speeds that blasted water towards the barrier creating a rainy battle appearance.

Naruto watched as Lucifer went for a clean slice from the head. Ducking under the attack Naruto saw Lucifer pointing the tip of his sword into the ground and lifting his foot up. Naruto analysed the situation before activating his time technique, only to wince as he felt a boot to the head as he forgot that the barrier stopped his space and time techniques and maybe his other 'uni' elements as well.

Looking as the water he passed through moved very slowly, he watched as Lucifer was dashing towards him. Looking down towards the water, he moved his hand to a handstand position for him to latch onto the water.

Latching onto the water below, he did a small flick sending his feet to the water below, before going belly first onto the water missing lucifers blade by a little bit.

Naruto jumped up as dashed towards Lucifer, whose back was turned to him. Jumping up on an angle that would let him use the flying swallow, Naruto dashed towards him leaving a blue mark behind him as he went. Naruto watched as he got closer to his opponent with his sharingan spinning. As Naruto got closer he for some reason started to feel dread well up within him. Now Naruto's blade was just a ruler length away...before Lucifer turned around with a blinding light flashing from his eyes.

'Grahhh!' screamed Naruto as his eye's felt like the just burnt them out of his eye sockets. Due to his sharingan enhancing his sight he got an even worse effect from the flash of light. Covering his eyes with the hand that held his sword. He quickly threw his body to the left as a blade went through water.

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