Chapter 9

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[Chunnin exam's stadium kage seats]

Here we see three of the kage of the elemental nations sitting in a single both with two guards each.

The raikage had his younger brother bee, and a guy with white hair darui. The kazekage had no-one special, just two regular Special Forces by the name of 'DUST' and finally the hokage who had both tsunade and jiraiya standing by him.

It was a special day because as soon as the matches begin the world would see their potential chunnin's strength and show who was truly the strongest.

Minato standing up said in a joyful tone 'The chunnin exams begin!' with that everyone started screaming for the first match to begin. Sitting back down he had nodded to genma to call out the matches, with a slight nod genma started calling the first match.

'The first match's is a handicap match that had been requested by the challenger Naruto uzumaki' when he had said that everyone was shocked, the brat had requested to fight against multiple people? Was he an idiot? 'the match will be Naruto vs hinata hyuga, mito uzumaki namikaze and anyone of the genin who want to participate, please come down for the fight now. With that Mito and hinata had appeared in a regular shunshin, while sasuke had appeared in a fire shunshin. Waiting for a bit genma had called Naruto's name once more and had given him a time limit of 5 minutes.

At the final count of one, a huge thunder storm had appeared, with unnatural red lightning with black lighting mixing into the storm. While this was going on the raikage was having a heart attack, red lightning? And black lightning? What the hell is this village feeding their kids?

Soon a thunder bolt hit the centre of the arena, showing of Naruto uzumaki, still looking the same as always, with his signature jacket on. Walking up to the centre of the ring Naruto called out in a joyful tone ' so are we going to start or what?' asked Naruto with a grin which had made everyone crack a small smile at his relaxed tone.

Coughing to get the attention back genma decided to begin the match 'ok ladies and gentlemen I give you the first ever chunnin exam's handicap, begin' with that genma jumped back starting the match.

Seeing this mito rushed at Naruto at mid-chunnin speed's while aiming for a high leg kick, which Naruto had ducked, only to dash to the right, avoiding hinata's palm strike that would of destroyed his lung, if the positioning was something to base off of, doing a backflip and landing a few metres away from the centre of the exam arena, only to do a helicopter spin kick, when mito had tried to jump him.

Stopping from his spin, he had flipped back into a standing positon, tilting his head a little he had saw hinata's fingers fly passed him, throwing his arms up and grabbing her forearm and then spinning until hinata's arm was behind her back, creating a bio-kunai he held the blade to her neck.

'Surrender now and hinata will not be injured' hinata, while scared knew Mito would help her within a few seconds, so she waited.... And waited and once again waited.....

Mito on the other hand had charged up a rasengan ready to pounce on Naruto while he was holding hinata, she was sure her friend could dodge and get away from the dead-last, so with a war cry she dashed forward, only seeing Naruto's shocked face, along with hinata's.


'Hinata! Quick dodge it!' shouted hiashi while clutching his youngest daughter's hand hanabi.

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