Chapter 14

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Ah konoha the village hidden in the leaves, so peaceful since the failed invasion, the sun was shining the civilians and ninjas laughing, dogs barking and birds chirping. It is a perfect and normal day.... Until a white streak when flying through the crowds and picking up wind.

'Ahhhhhh what the hell! I did not do anything!' screamed Naruto as he was sent sailing from his house on top of the hokage monument by tayuya, who, had woken up after feeling her 'pillow' move, and after she saw Naruto. BAM! Straight through the wall and off the monument, this currently brings us to the present of Naruto flying through the streets, using his control of wind not to crash into things.

Skidding to a stop, he realised that he had managed to get to the front of the village, due to seeing the massive gates. Standing up he saw the two 'eternal' gate guards sitting in their seats, reading a book. Deciding 'what the hell' he walked up to the two.

'Hey guys watcha reading?' asked Naruto looking over their shoulders and only seeing some shinobi with stats and rank next to his head.

Izumo looks behind him and see's the 'new and improved' Naruto behind them.

'oh its nothing, just the newest bingo book, I was seeing if I got a higher rank, but sadly I didn't kotetsu did tho, which is entirely bullshit, I mean sure he got the final hit on a A-rank missing nin, but I had dealt the most damage' said izumo looking at kotetsu's bingo book entry and tearing up a bit.


Hearing a thud Both Naruto and izumo looked over to kotetsu and saw that he was staring at the bingo book with a great amount of shock, moving over to the book. Both Naruto and izumo looked at the page and stared in shock, along with kotetsu.

Bingo book entry-8070

Name: Naruto Otsutsuki

Nickname (s)-

-The Time Devil of konoha

-The white spark

-The white streak

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