Chapter 15

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's\shut up isobu!' shouted Naruto as he threw another futon: rasenshuriken at the three tailed buuji, who he was currently battling. What was the reason for this? Well to finally end the fourth mizukaze's reign and free kiri from the un-needed bloodshed that they were facing.

'Naruto! Look out!' screamed Mei, the leader of the bloodline rebels. Too late, as Naruto had been smashed through the ground by isobu's tails.

'Yoton: melting apparition !' shouted mei as she had sprayed molten lava into isobu's massive eye, the massive buuji seeing its target quickly turned its head to the side, missing the lava and the flying Naruto, who had slammed his hand under the jaw of the buuji. With that a reassuring crack had been heard by everyone in the vicinity.

'RAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW' and with that isobu was sent high into the air, Naruto seeing the chance, pulled out his time devil. Throwing up the special bio-kunai Naruto went through two handsign before screaming out his next attack.

'jikukan: devil disruption!' with that the diagonally spinning kunai stopped mid-air and glowed, Making every enemy shinobi fall down to their knees as they had felt their chakra control go straight to hell.

Seeing that everyone's chakra control from the mizukage's side gone, Naruto started to gather up chakra in his hand, slowly forming a great spiralling ring (menma attack from road to ninja) which he had created a few weeks ago when he had tried to make a buuji version of his rasenshuriken.

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