Chapter 3

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Yo guys Narutonega with a new chapter this chapter will probably be longer than the previous two and also so you guys/girls don't get confused the tanzuna only requested konoha's aid a few months after kaiza's death so yer..... If you like it review if you don't review and tell me why it's good to have input so yer I'm out.

'Ehhhh what the hell!' said Naruto while blinking at what he was seeing, it looked like an execution but no one was supportive of it 'I wonder what's going on?' walking up from behind the large group he heard some mummers saying 'no not the hero of waves' or 'why him he saved us all' and a bit of 'dam gato that filthy bastard!' all from that Naruto knew this wasn't right he knew that the man being held up right now was innocent and the one holding the execution was the one in wrong so, as Naruto uzumaki he won't let it happen.

Hey midget bastard!' screamed Naruto drawing the attention of everyone there along with gato with saying the supposed crimes of the man at the execution stake after the scream everyone stopped and looked to the one who had said it only to see a boy about 13-14 who was about 5'11 with spiky blond hair with crimson coloured tips wearing a black hoody with red lines going throughout the whole jacket (looks like design kuramas chakra mode just not the actual transformation) however when the red lines go to his stomach it looks like there is an eradicate design on his stomach of a spiral with a lot squiggle's surrounding it along with two pointy fang like things pointing down towards the ground his pants were simpler with just plain black pants that reach his ankle and cover the top part of the shoe's he is currently wearing which would be his original Nikes of mainly black with red all in all he looked like someone who was just badass from just his clothing however gato had to get this execution out of the way and take control of this place before dawn, who said evil was easy. Then he remembered what the brat had said.

'What did you call me! Kill the stupid brat now, whoever does get a million right here right now!' screamed gato while red in the face due to the anger he currently had at the 'stupid little brat'

'You heard the boss, let's kill the fucker!' screamed a bandit who had charged in thinking he was getting a million in a few seconds, how wrong.

To Naruto the bandits charging at him looked like they were walking at a snail's pace, no seriously without his doujutsu this was pathetic I mean seriously he could fall asleep and then kick their asses oh well. With a tilt of his head he saw a blade fly past him which he chooses to ignore in favour of kneeing the bandit in the gut what happened next surprised him the bandit seriously flew back at the speed of sound due to the strength of the hit Naruto had given him, because of this that single bandit flew into his colleges and killed them all due to the impact.

Everyone just stared at that, this little kid even though he was quite tall kneed a man with such strength that he killed him and his colleges due to the speed he was sent flying it was amazing and kinda scary, what if he wanted to work for gato! Some people started to cry I mean who would turn down easy money? No one that's who 'you midget bastard let the guy go before I tear your goddam head of' said Naruto with bored tone, I mean seriously his first fight he killed a whole group of bandits with one strike he was holding back on seriously this sucks! 'Unless the people here think you deserve it' said Naruto in an afterthought because of this gato started sweating this fucking kid killed all his hired muscle in 10 seconds! What the hell did he do to deserve this! (Get me as an author :D)

'w-w-wait kid how about a deal' said gato with a slight grin knowing no one turned him down on his offers, at this the people of wave started holding their children closer while the man at the stake was looking down at the kid with a slight smile, which a few people noticed. 'if you work for me I will pay you 10,000 yen a hour (1 yen=1 us dollar just to make it easier) and as a bonus if you kill this man brutally I will give you some slaves to please yourself, what do you say' said gato with w shit eating grin on his face not way someone would turn down hi- 'the hell you take me for asshole I'm not going to do shit for you! My name is Naruto uzumaki and I will always help the ones in need, and I will always protect those close to me, so take your offer with you to hell cuz you just pissed me off you asshole!' said Naruto in a pissed off tone with a hint of rage and anger in it, at that moment the people of the wave started to cry the heavens must of sent this boy to save them there was just no way people do this for no reason.

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