Chapter 22: dimension guestion

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Hey guys and girl narutonega here with a problem, so here is the thing. I am going to make Naruto travel to different worlds, but without his pairings, so I was wondering, would you all like Naruto to meet his pairings (kaguya, temari and oc uzumaki, I can make kusami work while dimension hopping) later on during the 4th shinobi war or do you want me to work up to the fourth shinobi war, and then go into a different dimension.

Dimensions I probably will have Naruto travel

-high school DxD

-bleach (while he there it won't be long as I forgotten quite abit about the story, soz)

-Rosario vampire

-dragon ball z (same as bleach, the reason I remember dxd and Rosario is because they are shortish)

-and one you all call for (if I can write the dimension so yeah)

And because of the situation ,I am asking for you all to tell me what to do since I don't want to do a move this big without my fanfiction enthusiasts opinion, I mean I could end up destroying the fanfic for a large chunk of you guys if I don't do it right, so yeah.


Also this will stay up for 5 days, so guys and girls, make sure to tell me what to do and I will see what happens later. Yeah sorry about doing this but it means a lot if I got a hand ya know.

The next chapter will be up in a few hours as I got time to do it, peace.

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