Chapter 23

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Hey everyone. Here is the next chapter and I hope it is ok.

Also from what I got, everyone wants the dimension travel after the 4th shinobi war. So we are going with that ok, later people.

(Naruto's house-backyard midday)


'Well I guess I win, so what's the score now? Like 48-0' said Naruto looking down towards izuna uchiha, who had just recently got his neck snapped.

However that changed when izuna stood up and re-snapped his neck back into place. Moving his head around for a bit, he gave out a sigh as it really was 48-0, not once did he get close to beating Naruto, even with his mangekyo sharingan activated. Just what the hell did this kid do to be able to be this strong at the ripe age of 13-14?

Naruto looked at izuna and could only see how much resemblance he had with sasuke, when izuna first came out; he instantly thought it was an older sasuke. Although izuna was a lot stronger than sasuke and it was clear that izuna did train his hardest with madara when they were young.

Removing his eyes from izuna, he looked toward the senju family and could only chuckle as tayuya kept on looking like she won a million yen and was eagerly talking to everyone there.

Moving his eyes back to izuna, who had madara standing beside him, he laughed as madara was talking to izuna in a baby voice as he knew it would piss izuna off.

'Now, now baby izuna! No fighting stronger people ok, we know you like getting your ass kicked but it's not a very good thing' said madara, still babying izuna, who at this point was making handseals behind his back. (Also I'm not making madara's personality more childish, its only happening since his little brother is there with him, he is still the god like ninja he will be in the 4th shinobi war just without being a godlike ass, he will now be a mega ass).

For tsunade, this was officially the most screwed up moment of her life, she had seen Naruto single handily revived the first two hokage, her grandad and granduncle, then revived mito uzumaki ,her grandmother, then he revived madara u-fucking-chiha and his younger brother izuna uchiha. What the hell couldn't this kid do?

Finally having enough of being wrapped in a tree, she called out 'Naruto! Otsutsuki! Release me now! Or I will report this to the hokage!' screamed tsunade towards Naruto, making everyone there look towards her with a raised eyebrow.

Seeing this, tsunade shrinked back a little bit 'ok fine! Can you please release me, it's getting uncomfortable' said tsunade with a little bit of shame, as the wood wrapping around her was getting uncomfortable in certain places.

Blinking, Naruto finally saw why she was uncomfortable...oops he so didn't mean to have wood there. (For all you people, you can just imagine where the wood is, or just think is wrapped around her, have your own fantasy for that scene, cuz I really don't want to write something kinky)

Manipulating the wood, Naruto made the wood move and gently place tsunade down, and just for an added act of sorry, made the wood flatten out all the lumps in her clothing, then patted her head while also giving an apple to her.

Hashirama just blinked at Naruto's control over wood. He couldn't even do that , and he was sure that Naruto didn't even know how to move already created wood, guess he was ready for the wood golem, and maybe after his 'special technique' (oh I'm milking the technique till I annoy you all sooooo much, well those that want to know muahahhahahah)

Tsunade really was wondering how Naruto could have done that, seriously! Not even, by the look on her grandads face, means that he himself couldn't even do what Naruto was! What the hell did he do to gain this type of skill? Sell his soul to a devil and become a slave to them?

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