Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Here is another chapter.

'And your family even lef-'Lucifer was cut off from his ramblings by a hook to the jaw, flying to the other side of the lake, he looked towards Naruto.

Naruto was now sporting a new necklace that held a few magatama, but for some reason he seemed to be.... More..... Accepted or free....

Naruto looked at his necklace before smiling a bit. He then turned his head towards where he sensed Lucifer.

' will get by me killing you or you accepting defeat.' Said Naruto as he ripped his two eyes out of their sockets before absorbing them using blacklight, creating a brand new set of eyes, which he changed into a form that he only recently gained....

His rinne-sharingan, the crimson eyes of the complete juubi.

Naruto started to walk towards Lucifer slowly while deactivating his restraints but not releasing but compressing the energy he gained back from his restraints.

'I don't know why I restrain myself....I can open and close doors without my seals restricting my strength. I can walk at a normal speed to others without my seals. And I can conceal my powers entirely at will...from now on Lucifer.... I will not hold back in worry.' With that said Naruto vanished....

Before lucifers entire arm got ripped off suddenly. Lucifer only had time to look down at his ripped right arm that was slowly sinking into the lake below, looking up he saw Naruto with another arm. Once again looking down at his left arm, he tried to hold in his anguished scream only to feel Naruto's blade go through his stomach.

Naruto pulled his blade out, and lifted it up to lucifers chin, making sure to move lucifers head up slowly. Naruto looked at the crimson eyes with his own for a few moments... before he sealed his weapon back into his wrist. Naruto started to walk away with his hands in his pockets as he was almost off the lake, he turned back towards Lucifer. 'Lucifer I have won, you will give me my bankai or I will simply absorb you... which shouldn't be too hard after all I did just end you in a few seconds.' Stated Naruto as he walked away, smashing the barrier with a weak punch.

Lucifer was on his knees as his wings kept him afloat. His arms were probably down at the very bottom of the lake by now. Forcing a bit of his energy towards his shoulders. He watched as his shoulders started to have bone and muscle come out of it. Within a few moments his arms had returned. Lucifer looked towards where Naruto left and grinned. He really was powerful. Lucifer looked at his sword before both disappeared towards Naruto's soulscape.

(With Naruto walking to his house)

Naruto looked at his front door and remembered what Lucifer said. Although he was a prick for saying it, he really didn't do much with his wives except for a few dates and wanting to learn a bit more about them all, he used his space manipulation to bend light around him along with sound. Teleporting into the top corner of his dining room, he found all the girls sitting there talking.

What they talked about went from a large range of what food were best and new techniques and all. However Naruto got hooked on a piece of information that actually interested him. It was something that made kaguya and most of the girls grab their stomachs, which confused him a bit.

Moca looked towards kaguya for a bit before asking her question. 'So....when do we tell Naruto know....' Said Moca shyly as she rubbed her stomach, only to get slapped lightly by silver haired moka. 'You know that Naruto isn't here right?' asked moka as she looked at her 'twin' with a raised eyebrow, which just made pink haired moka grin a bit.

'I-I know but, ya know it's kind of a big deal' said Moca with a blush adoring her face.

Kaguya looked at the pink haired girl with a small smile before answering her question. 'We don't until Naruto notices himself. I mean what would he do if we told him that we were all pregnant?' asked kaguya with a small laugh....until there was a thud in the corner of the room, which made all of them turn towards the sound....

Only to see Naruto passed out. This made all the girls sweatdrop and take photos of the passed out naruto.

Ruby blinked after taking a photo. 'How did he enter the house without us noticing? Hell I should have seen him enter or make a sound.' Stated ruby with scratching the right side of her head.

Kaguya sighed along with moka while pink haired Moca went to Naruto and started to drag him to their room. 'He probably just teleported home instead of walking home....lazy man' said kaguya as she shook her head, which had gotten a giggle from ruby and a chuckle from moka.

Moka stood up before walking towards the stairs going to their room. 'Well are you coming to break the news to him?' asked moka looking at both ruby and kaguya who just nodded before walking up the steps behind moka.

(Naruto and his wives room)

Naruto woke up in his bed, with a spring. Did he hear right? All four of his wives were pregnant? How did he not notice? Seriously he would have seen something or sensed it!

Looking to his left he saw moka fussing over him. Grinning slightly he moved a hand to cup her soft face. 'Hey Moca.....what's this I hear about you girls being pregnant?' asked Naruto looking at Moca, who in turned pulled her shirt up just above her belly.

Naruto moved his hand forward and placed it on her stomach and closed his eyes...then he felt it a small movement from within....

'Naruto suddenly jumped up and ran towards the balcony, Moca thinking that he was going to run away started to hold her shirt a bit tighter and started to tear...until she heard what he said out loud.

'IM GOING TO BE A FATHER!' screamed Naruto as he was standing on the balcony.

His scream was heard from his remaining wives who smiled. As they walked up to the room. As they opened the door they saw Naruto holding Moca very delicately and he cried on the crown of her head, which she also joined in crying with Naruto over the good news. Soon Naruto looked up and extended his arm wide so that the rest could also fit into the hug.

After the hug Naruto said something that made all the girls curse themselves for letting Naruto know they were pregnant accidently.

' knows I can have as rough sex with you all now right? Said Naruto with a grin, which was rewarded with groans.

Ok shortish chapter, but that was just so I could get the whole pregnant thing out of the way, so next chapter Naruto and his family will return back to the elemental nations as I really just wanted Naruto to absorb some devil, angle and fallen angle energy along with activating his zanpakuto. So yeah....back to the elemental nations!

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