Chapter 4

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Yo narutonega once again with the fourth chapter of my first story the one who stands strong this is probably going to be the last chapter that comes out in a few hours because school starting tomorrow so yer it should be week between each chapter if not shorter, I'm also not planning in any way to stop unless it becomes too hard to write while I have school and other events so enjoy it while it lasts and if anyone wants some crossovers tell me and I'll see if I can do it later.

At the gates of konoha the two gate guards izumo and kotetsu were working diligently to keep konoha safe from her enemy's, how you may ask? That's simple! Playing poker while half asleep!

That's the sight Naruto met when he walked up to the front of the gate, the two chunnin gate guards playing poker and ignoring his presence, so what does Naruto do? Prank them! Quickly applying a ninpo he learned from the shrine maidens he changed himself into a beautiful woman he had met while in the hayabusa village, her name was kasumi (dead or alive kasumi) and she was a very developed woman who was so badass and cute it wasn't funny.

Naruto in henge slowly walked up to the two chunnin making sure his transformation's breasts swang left to right along with the hips shaking he grabbed both chunnin's by the shoulders and asked in a sexy voice that had hooked the two chunnin instantly 'may I please enter the village' the two chunnin just nodded before they both shot back with massive noes bleeds that had painted the whole booth red with a laugh and a camera shot, Naruto transformed back to normal and simply walked through the massive gates to konoha 'seems that this pathetic village hasn't changed much' said kurama with a grumble at being back in the village that had sealed him not once not twice but three times, although his third time was very good, well for him he doesn't know about his other half maybe.... That's something he could think about later on 'so what's first on the agenda Naruto? 'Hmm first is relieving my blood clone from his duty I guess I don't know if he was pampered after I left or treated worse guess I'll see soon' said Naruto while locking on his blood clones signature now you might be wondering how Naruto knows the blood clone jutsu? Well he actually learned it before leaving he didn't want people going after him as soon as he was classified missing kinda why he left elemental nations in the first place he had created the clone with his personality to see how the influence of the villagers affected him, now the clone knows he is a clone and he doesn't really have emotions itself but he display's them for the experiment although since it's a blood clone Naruto will gain its memory's even if Naruto tried to ignore them.

With that thought Naruto arrive to a broken apartment not really where he expected his clone to be, he must be there to visit someone, he walked up the stairs and finally reached the room where his clone was, the first thing that greeted him was the word demon written on top of the door itself, expecting the worst Naruto slowly opened the door only to tilt his head to the left dodging a kunai that would of taken an eye out and probably kill someone if they didn't know of it in the first place. Walking into the room Naruto heard someone crying walking to what looked like a bedroom he went to the bed and flipped the cover off to only see something that brought tears in his eyes.

There his clone was crying while holding onto another two people these two people had distinguishing features that had made them stand out but looking to why he was crying, there was the clone malnourished beyond point looking frail and beaten then the two people looking at his clone with tears streaming down their faces, when they finally looked up at their assailant they gasped there in front of them was almost a perfect copy of the boy they had been with for the past two months with a small hint of fear they both asked in a defeated tone 'are you here to kill us... I know that we don't have the money to pay for this place but we can't afford it please give us a chance' asked the two.

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