Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Hey people how's it going? I have to thank you all for the reviews and views in general, I just hit 45,000 views and it's amazing. Thank you all so much for that. So because of that I am going to finish this story and not just forget about it. Once again thank you all and enjoy.

'Hmm....why does It feel so good.....' mumbled naruto and he slowly started to wake up. Trying to get up he felt something on his chest, he looked down and gapped...

Kaguya was on him and asleep.....naked...

Swallowing the saliva in his now dry throat, he lifted the bed sheets...

Him and kaguya....were connected through the hips...




'AHHHHH!' screamed naruto trying to jump out of bed, only to shove himself deeper within kaguya, who just moaned and slowly started to wake up. When she to saw their position..... She grinned now he wouldn't send her into the seal.

'oh my how have we turned up like this?' asked kaguya placing a hand on naruto's shoulder keeping him down as she moved her upper body to have her breasts placed on his chest so that he couldn't move.

Naruto was panicking. How did he and kaguya do this? He thought that he kept her in the seal...oh shit....

(Memory sequence parts)

Naruto being bored while drinking as he couldn't get drunk.

Naruto talking to kaguya within the seal for a bit.

Naruto and kaguya talking and drinking, although his drink felt strong, like really strong.

Kaguya and him making out and fondling.

The bedroom door was open.

They moved towards it.

Then it was closed and locked.

(Memory sequence parts finished)

Naruto just looked around and gasped.

He didn't notice this when he woke up, but he and kaguya damaged the entire room with their 'activity' and what was worse he couldn't remember the whole thing! Although from the pleasure he was feeling still being with kaguya gave him a hint as of how it felt.

Looking down at kaguya, who was grinning, he moved a small bit of her white hair behind her ear.

'you are better at being a succubus than actual succubus' said naruto as he wrapped his arms around Kaguya's back and snuggled with her, which to be fair shocked kaguya as she expected him to try seal her back or kill her for taking his 'virginity' but to be fair he took hers (hagoromo and his brother were artificial insemination).

Kaguya smiled a bit as she to tried to get closer to him as it indeed felt nice. Looking up at his eyes, which were shinning, she leant forward and captured his lips which he returned.

'Ahhhhhh....what did I do last night?' asked a voice at the end of the bed....

Naruto jumped with kaguya still attached to him, and once again going in deeper because of the jump, which kaguya wasn't complaining about.

There on the end of the bed was ... Ruby!

'AHHH what the he-' naruto was cut off from kaguya slapping his cheek and pointing to her ears. No not the horns that looked like ears, her actual ears.

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