Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Well now the story is all coming to an end, with possibly 5-10 chapters left before I close this story... holy shit it took a while! But yeah first story was ok I guess. Anyway let's get onto the next chapter enjoy.

'AAAAAHHHHHHHH' screamed Naruto as he plummeted once again towards the ground like when he did his previous dimension jumps.


Naruto just groaned as he raised his head, in the past few months he managed to find many dimension seals which he recorded into memory so that he could travel back to the places if he chooses to do so.

After hearing that his wives were pregnant he started to actually search for the dimension seals, as he wanted his wives to birth their children in his home dimension.

'C'mon Naruto get up' said Naruto to himself as he pushed himself up from the ground. Slowly standing up he looked around and was shocked at what he saw...there was a massive valley that surpassed madara's and hashirama's in both size and beauty. The valley also had a statue similar to the valley of the end.

Naruto squinted his eyes as he looked at the statue at the far end of the valley and moved his head back in shock.

It was a statue of him with his rinnegan activated and all the buuji, including ten tails behind looked so cool. Wanting to get a better look of the statue Naruto teleported towards the statue, which looked like it was made only a few weeks ago or at least a few months.

Naruto just gazed at the statue in awe for a few moments before looking down towards the bottom of the statue and saw a small bit of writing.

This valley is in made for the hero of the fourth shinobi war.

A man who fought a demon of unimaginable strength and defended his fellow man and women.

Here lies the result of the final battle of Naruto Otsutsuki

May he rest in peace

Naruto looked at the writing a few times before turning his back to it...everyone thought he was dead huh? Well he knew how to fix that. And with a grin on his face Naruto disappeared in a white spark.

(Iwagakure kage tower)

'Stupid paper work' muttered an old man as he was finishing his daily stack of paper work. It had been a few months since the fourth shinobi war and where the hero known as Naruto Otsutsuki died after the sealing of kaguya/ juubi. Onoki walked towards the massive window overlooking his village and gave a sigh. He hadn't really met Naruto at all and was kind of regretting it if all the stories he heard about the kid were true. Suddenly Onoki looked down and saw a spark of white.... And then another... and couldn't be.....

Onoki watched as the spark helped some people who were just having regular trouble. Soon his entire village was bathed in the white spark before it disappeared entirely until a voice was heard above his kage roof.

'LADIES AND GENTALMEN! NARUTO OTSUTSUKI IS BACK' screamed Naruto with his hands surrounding his mouth as he shouted it out towards the village, which in turn made many ninja widen their eyes as they watched the hero of the fourth shinobi war alive and kicking. Soon some clapping was heard from one ninja...before almost all ninja were clapping at his return and then someone started to cheer his name which caught on quick as most if not all the village was cheering out Naruto's name.

Naruto just smiled before waving and disappearing in a white spark to another hidden village.

Onoki just looked at where he witnessed the return of Naruto Otsutsuki for himself... it was....amazing. 'Well Naruto were defiantly like how the stories say you were.' Said Onoki with a grin as he floated back towards his office.

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