Chapter 16

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Yo guys and girls hope you all enjoy my story so far, so here is the poll.




Ryuzetsu -5


Oc uzumaki-4

Kusami (hybrid form)-5





Hana inuzuka-2




Oc uchiha-1

Oc senju-0



Phoenix-leader of the phoenix summons-0

Ok so current leaders are: Hinata, samui, Ryuzetsu, kasumi and Karin. Runner ups are: oc uzumaki, fuu, Mei and temari. Remember people 3 more chapters to vote and 1 more chapter to ask for another character in the poll, peace everyone!


'... can I just let you beat me up instead?'




'I'll teach you ninpo'

'What the fuck is ninpo, some shitty technique I bet shithead'

'I'll give you my wallet if you let me leave'

Tayuya who finally had enough of Naruto's begging, turned around, only to sweat drop and see why Naruto was begging.

There stood Naruto..... Well his legs anyway, since from stomach up, there was massive amount of bags being carried in front of him. But what made her sweat drop grow even more was the fact that he had 5 kagebushins all carrying the same amount of boxes, which had went from his stomach to 5 metres into the air.

'Shithead how much stuff did I buy?' asked tayuya as she saw the boxes start to sway do to the wind.

'...enough to fill all my storage scrolls that I had on me and the ones I had made on the way.....' replied Naruto, who had activated his rinnegan to see where he was going.

Tayuya looking at that massive amount started to lightly laugh in her hand, while she probably made him loose quite a bit of money (his poor gama-chan) she wanted to go to one stop that would make Naruto, if he could see, blush like a little kid.

Grinning to herself she started to walk into a shop with Naruto and his clones still following her. 'Ok so I want to try on some more....Clothing ok? You will probably need to tell me if its good or not shithead got that?' asked tayuya with a little bit of excitement in her voice..... That had scared the shit out of Naruto; tayuya never gets excited unless she beat him up.... Or he bought her something.

A few minutes later we find Naruto still waiting for tayuya in the 'showing' room, which for some reason didn't let anyone who was in the room see into it, I mean it's not like she's going to be naked or something? It's just cloths.

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