Chapter 17

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Kaguya otsutsuki-2

Ok so current leader is Ryuzetsu, kusami and samui followed by Hinata, fuu, temari, Mei and Karin. Remember people 2 more chapters to vote peace everyone!

(Valley of the End)

'Sasuke and satsuki uchiha! Return to the village or I will use force' said Naruto with a stern tone as he looked on to see both sasuke, the guy who had hurt him through emotional hell, and satsuki.... His ex-girlfriend and likely lover, the one who the pain revolved around....or at least one part of it.... But he is now over it and he will use force.

'Try to make us dobe! You couldn't have beaten me on purpose, it was all accident! So come and face me and die!' shouted sasuke, who was in his cursed seal form level 1, he had gotten information on it from tayuya. 'You are nothing but a waste of space!' screamed satsuki as she started to dash towards him.

'..... So be it' with that, Naruto disappeared before both sasuke's and satsuki's eye's.

'gahhhhhh!' screamed sasuke who had been kneed to the gut, although his screams were stopped when Naruto's knee threw him up into the air a little bit, soon a leg snapped up straight and hit him in the face, sending him up into the air.

Naruto still looking at where sasuke was previously standing turned his head a little to look at satsuki.

There satsuki stood, with curse seal level 2 activated and her three tomoe sharingan glaring at him.... She looked like a she devil, white horns on her head, with inuzuka marks going down her cheeks, she also had grown black wings (High school of dxd fallen angel wings, don't own)

'Before I kick your ass and then sasuke's some more.... Why did you cheat on me?' asked Naruto staring blankly at satsuki, who started to send more chakra into her eyes, trying desperately to activate the mangekyo so that she could destroy him....before she started to laugh.

'Oh, so that's the question you were wondering right? Well you weren't worthy of my effort and affection, toki I have no clue, but you were a useless dead last who was only good at putting a shitty little roof over my and toki's head....but that all changed when I told sasuke I was an uchiha, he would practically die if I wasn't there with him, but then you came into the equation, you stopped me from being with sasuke'. Said satsuki with anger apparent in her voice only to see Naruto's twitching eyebrow.

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