Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

OK! I really feel excited for what I have planned later on for the dimension hopping and I am sooooo energised (physically and mentally) so speed round! I'm going to try post 2-3 chapters before the day is over! So READY, SET, GO!

'Ack what happened to me?' asked Naruto as he looked around... only to see a smoking lot. Looking down towards his own body, well what was left of his body?

He only had his chest, neck, head and his right arm...did someone gets a little excited with a sword or something?

Looking around he saw a corpse sprawled on a piece or debris, using his space manipulation he brought the body over to him. Shoving a hand into hit, he started to absorb the body, when he was done he looked through the memories and went into shock....How, Why did they do this?

(Memory sequence)

'Akatsuki is at war with every nation' said the fourth hokage as he looked at the shinobi council.

Shikaku Nara, the shinobi who had absorbed, stood up. 'But what are we going to do about this! We have seen what Akatsuki could do, and that was just the Figure head! And now we have Madara Uchiha himself starting a war against everyone! This is from a man who is well past his hundreds and single handily created an army of zetsu's and he is after the only remaining jinchuuriki which happen to be Bee from kumo and both Naruto Otsutsuki and Mito Namikaze! How are we getting out of this mess' said shikaku Nara as he watched the hokage with a sharp look, this was not the time to be lazy it was time to protect their home.

Minato looked at his council and thought. It would be easier if there was only two jinchuuriki instead of three; however that would require one of the current jinchuuriki to die to move their beast.... He knew what he was going to do.

'Shikaku nara, get a team together to get the sealed Naruto's body and bring it here. We are transferring kyuubi into Mito so she can use the full power of the beast. Also someone get jiraiya to help with the sealing, I will get Mito myself, now get moving' said minato looking at his council. But before he hirashined away he heard shikaku speak again.

'Are you sure hokage-sama...? After all that he has done for the village and your own family if I remember seeing' asked shikaku, who stared straight at his kage. If it weren't for Naruto minato Mito and kushina would have been dead, along with 95% of konoha's shinobi's after pain's attack.

Minato let out a sigh. He really didn't want to do this, but at the possibility that Mito was not strong enough to fight madara was just too much, he knew that with the Namikaze family working together madara would be defeated at the end of it. And then Naruto's sacrifice could be known. 'Yes I know...but we need Mito to control kyuubi's full power and while Naruto is indeed powerful...he hasn't shown any skills in controlling kyuubi. So while his strength has given him SSS-rank in the bingo books, kyuubi's power easily beats that and since mito managed to control 4 tails, she could very well control kyuubi entirely with my and kushina's help. Now get back to work... also put more knockout seals on Naruto's left arm. Since I have only seen him absorb blood with his right, he might also absorb the sealing if it's on his right arm. Dismiss' with that minato hirashined away getting his daughter ready.

(Memory sequence end)

'' screamed Naruto as he stood up flaring his power towards the sky, creating a white light with a golden and red energy mixed within the light which pierced the pitch black clouds and brought forth some light shining on him from above.

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