chapter 6

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'c'mon ladies only a few more miles' said Naruto jogging on the spot while wearing additional weights and resistance seals so that he would only be at around high-jonin level in speed and reflexes so that his two team mates could hopefully keep up, that was until he had noticed that they weren't even in his eye sight, signing he activated his sharingan to see where their chakra signatures were, and he could barely spot them at around the 10km range. Disappointed he shunshin'd to their location to only see a passed out satsuki and a dry heaving toki, signing again he picked both them up and shunshin'd back to his current house where he dropped both of them on the main bed and left to do his own training.

For the last few months, Naruto had kept his promise that he would make team 11 the most successful team there was between the 'rookie15' team 11 had completed 62-d-ranks, 34-c-ranks,21-b-ranks and finally 13-a-ranks.

The only reason he had been able to get the c, b and a ranks were because of the fact that everyone wanted his team to do the mission's specifically had also helped, hell even minato couldn't deny that team 11 was the most successful team since the villages founding, Naruto's team had obliterated most records held by even veteran jonin and by the way the client talk's about the team, if Naruto had done the missions himself the missions would have been done even faster it was mind boggling.

Hell his own daughters team had not even done over 5-c-ranks and he himself trained his daughter to about a low-jonin level while kakashi had trained sasuke to about a high-chunnin level and sakura, the other student to a solid-genin level, but that was only due to the girls fangirlism that she had on sasuke.

'Sigh the next chunnin exams are coming up and Naruto has won the bet.... Might as well give him the scroll he wants now' said minato in a self-pondering tone as he had no way to win the bet between himself and Naruto, with another sign he called the anbu 'sparrow go get genin Naruto uzumaki' with the command done sparrow had used a shunshin to appear next to Naruto to only drop his jaw at what he saw, there the genin, Naruto uzumaki was walking up a waterfall with boulders tied to his wrists and legs, and from the look of it the boulders had gravity seals at a level that he couldn't quite see from, shaking his head he walked into the clearing that Naruto was training in which happened to be in training ground 11, sparrow called out to the training genin 'Naruto uzumaki, the hokage wishes to see you now' with that done sparrow waited for Naruto to drop the boulders and disappear with a shunshin, cautiously walking up to the boulders he had tried to pick one up only to not be able to lift the thing with his full strength and with his chakra enhancing his muscles as well, thinking of how guy might react if he found out someone was doing this he quickly left back to the hokage's office.

(Hokage office)

Now Naruto I have decided that since there is no way of avoiding the bet I have decided that you can choose the scroll you want from the house, so which will you choose'? asked minato with a raised eyebrow, honestly wanting to know what his ex-son wanted and he was shocked at what he heard 'everything that the second hokage had on his Hiraishin no Jutsu formula which I know you have since I saw it when I was younger' with his peace said Naruto crossed his arms with a cheeky grin on his face, his old man probably thought he wanted one of his jutsu's but he wanted his own original space-time technique and he had some ideas for it already. Grimacing minato disappeared with a yellow flash for a few moments and then finally returned in another yellow flash, holding out the scroll minato dropped the scroll into Naruto's hands still in shock that the kid wanted to learn space-time nin-jutsu even though it's one of the most complex arts there is, hell fuin-jutsu compared to space-time nin-jutsu was like writing the number 1 over and over and space-time ninjutsu was like designing a complex home with only a hammer, it was almost impossible. 'just out of curiosity what are you planning to do with that' asked minato with hundreds of ideas going through his head at what the kid would do with that knowledge, hell he maybe might make a Hiraishin no Jutsu copy for all he knew. 'oh well I'm planning on making my own space time technique so that It could be my ultimate trump card in a fight, oh and don't worry I won't try replicate the Hiraishin no Jutsu said Naruto while rubbing the back of his head while grinning at the hokage, he didn't know who he had inherited that action from but it was to natural to ignore no matter how much times he try'd to.

'oh ok I guess if konoha had another space-time ninjutsu user it would be good, well anyway I need to get back to doing the paper work' said minato looking back at his desk, only to start to tear a bit his paperwork stash had grown by 5x the original size, he was so not leaving until late in the evening. Minato because of the paperwork had missed Naruto's grin when he saw how desperate hokage looked when facing his paperwork, so he decided to use this to his advantage 'hey hokage-sama do you want the secret to defeating the evil known as paperwork?' asked Naruto in a hushed tone, which instantly made minato grab him by the shoulders and start to shake him 'please tell me the secret to defeating this evil known as paperwork!' screamed minato while crying he would do anything to find out how to defeat the evil know as paperwork, hell he would of fought all tailed beasts at the same time for a chance at finding the way to beat paperwork, slowing his shaking Naruto stood up and had pointed up three fingers 'ok but I want three things 1, I want sennin travel rights. 2 I want 3 IOU's from you in which I can get anything I want at a later date. 3'grining evilly Naruto said what his last of his requests '3..... throw apple pie at your wife and daughter in the middle of the street with me recording it along with me putting a seal on you that will erase the secret I tell you if you try to tell others, this also counts writing motioning and well practically anything revolving the secret' with his request done he saw minato pail at the last request, was it truly worth it to throw apple pie at kushina and mito's face and get a seal on him that will erase the information of the secret if he told anyone, looking at his desk one more time, he knew the answer.

'yes Naruto-sama tell me the secret all three of your request's done and agreed to please tell me!' said minato with as much emotion as he possible could he doesn't care about the pie, looking at his desk, or what used to be his desk he could only see mountains of paperwork growing before his eyes it was too much for him, grabbing 3 hokage iou's and his pen he had started writing up Naruto's traveling rights and iou's, after that was done Naruto place the seal on his wrists and told the hokage about the seal reacting if anyone try'd to take it off him that wasn't him it would erase the knowledge anyway, Naruto grinning brought placed his hands around the hokage's eye and whispered 'two words... kage...bushin also I expect the pie in the face at three pm' after that Naruto dashed to his study leaving a silent minato, slowly minato told everyone of his anbu to leave him, with a nod all the anbu left. Making sure he was alone minato summoned 4 kagebushin 'you know what to do' said minato in an even tone as soon as his clones started working he left with a shunshin and appeared in a pastry shop buying 2 apple pies he had told another pair of kagebushins to get his wife and daughter, he could see Naruto a few meters away from him with a camera out ready for the scene waiting to be shown.

Kushina and mito had arrived and only managed to say two words before getting apple pie to the face.... Everyone was quiet well except Naruto who was crying on the floor laughing while still holding on his camera on the scene what was happening in front of him. A few seconds later minato yelled out before running away 'blame Naruto with his bets!' with that he flashed away only to miss Naruto's pale face, while the two red-head woman had slowly gotten up and stared at him, at this he knew he was screwed if he didn't leave now so with a two finger salute 'sorry I got to dash but the pranking king from hell has much more work to do' with that he disappeared back to his house only to find it empty again, it was weird satsuki and toki would only be around or in the house for at max, not including sleep but then again they don't even sleep here sometimes, for about 3 hours before doing their team training and then leaving to where ever they went. It was weird for Naruto especially since he was dating them both but it must be a girl thing either way he enjoyed his time with them.

Now all that there was left to do was get ready for the chunnin exam's what we're coming up soon sleeping in his study which he had transformed into a new room due to satsuki and toki not wanting Naruto to sleep with them in the main room, which he understood because I would be quite weird if he did that without their permission. So with a sigh he started reading lord second's information about space-time ninjutsu after all he needed it for his next project named 'time devil'

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