Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Well now first dimension is Rosario + vampire! And boy do I have plans for it Muahahhahahah!

Well anyway I was planning on making another pure Naruto fic, where he gets stronger at a rate I think he should have been. So if anyone wants that fic to happen tell me in PM or reviews, however I am keeping the time devil as his own jutsu but I will weaken it until he is older, so yeah enjoy people.

'Ahh man why is this sooo boring! Hell iruka's lectures were better than this school! And I thought it would be kinda fun since it's a school for monsters! Dam you kami!' said Naruto walking with his hands behind his head as he walked towards the gym as an announcement was going on right now.


'well looks like there is something fun to do today' and with that Naruto appeared where the explosion was and saw two dudes standing were there was a hole in a wall and an orange haired girl taunting them. Shrugging his shoulders he sat on the wall using chakra to hold him as he watched the girl continue taunting a Frankenstein copy and a red Cyclops.

Seeing how the two giants were smashing the gym and almost hurting other students, Naruto decided to show off again. Flashing towards where the Cyclops was going to punch, he pointed his forefinger at the fist.


'ahhhhhh' screamed the Cyclops as he held all of his fingers as the shockwave between Naruto's finger and his hand had cracked them, looking down he was shocked that he saw the human standing there with his hand now done his side.

Seeing he has everyone's attention, he started speaking 'c'mon guys, you know that hitting a little girl isn't very nice and all, so I was wondering if you could stop. It also doesn't help that you almost crushed a few students or so while you were trying to pound the girl' said Naruto as he was pointing to where a few students were laying on the floor and holding a few body parts showing they were hurt. While he was showing good points both Cyclops and Frankenstein didn't think so.

'You asshole human! You think you can tell us what to do? This is why we should just kill your kind! You are worthless!' screamed the Frankenstein copy as he threw his fist down in sync with the Cyclops.

A few students watched with shock and a little bit of joy as the fists sped towards the human...but what happened after made them scared of this certain human.


'Ahhhhhh screamed both Cyclops and Frankenstein as their entire hands were broken from hitting Naruto's hands soon however Naruto just laughed a little darkly.

' let your feelings of humans get in the way of your self-awareness? Well then... if you won't listen to reason.....then listen to my STRENGTH!' screamed Naruto as he flared his chakra followed by his recently activated spiritual energy and yokai.

This brought everyone in the gym to their knees as they watched as Naruto unleased a white wave that went straight up which was made of energy pure chakra energy then the wave grew black and red energy circling it.

Everyone in yokai academy felt the massive wave of energy, along with most seeing the gym light up and glow. However the students within the gym felt the energy the best.

The energy of Naruto gave of his feelings within the wave, the peace he seemed the love he desired the responsibility he held, they felt it all. After the wave of energy washed over them they could also feel the power behind it and the gentleness it held within it.

The headmaster looked outside towards the gym and started to sweat. He didn't have nearly anything close to that energy and neither did the other dark lords; Naruto was truly one of the strongest beings.

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