Chapter 11

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Hey everyone Narutonega here with the next chapter and don't forget top 4 women you want Naruto to hook up with, enjoy.


There was newly named Naruto otsutsuki standing behind the S-ranked criminal orochimaru with a special looking kunai in his hand in reverse grip and pointing the tip to orochimaru's throat, no one could be more shocked than orochimaru, quickly trying to move, he felt his head smash into the floor, looking up he was shocked that he was in the middle of the arena with Naruto holding his head down.

Naruto summoning four kagebushins nodded to them, with the four clones nodding back, they each went into the edges of the arena and slammed their hands down onto the floor.

'Rikudou sennin art: barrier of the buuji!'

'Rikudou sennin art: barrier of the buuji!'

'Rikudou sennin art: barrier of the buuji!'

'Rikudou sennin art: barrier of the buuji!'

Shouted the four clones as a light grey barrier started to rise out of the ground at a fast pace, soon the whole arena was connected in the light grey, see through barrier.

Orochimaru seeing no choice decided to start the invasion. 'ATTACK' screamed orochimaru from his downed position, hearing the command the sound and sand shinobi started to move.... Only to find that they couldn't.

'They can't move orochimaru, because I won't let them' said Naruto looking up.

As everyone tried to move and failed they looked up with their eyes and gasped as a purplish barrier was also there. Looking towards their leaders they were shocked that they too couldn't move, especially the ninja's since the kage's were supposed to be the strongest people their villages.

'what have you done brat!' screamed orochimaru, who had noticed that he could move his body perfectly fine, struggling under the brats arm, he quickly replaced himself with a log and stood across the arena towards Naruto.

'hmm oh you mean stop your entire invasion and all, well that would be telling, but since I got all the time in the world, I'll tell ya. Orochimaru what you are witnessing is my first and my most powerful and versatile jutsu.... the time devil, currently I have my time devil fuinjutsu marker on my special kunai here and with it I can control time and space to a full extent, while my ex-father's Hiraishin can teleport him in a 'flash' I can control all space and time that is in my radius, currently I can create a radius of konoha and a bit, but in a few years I should be able to make it across the entire elemental nations, this is truly one of the most powerful jutsu there will ever be created for a looooooooooooonnnnnng time, trust me.' With that said Naruto started to get into the uchiha interceptor stance that madara had taught him.

'well orochimaru don't disappoint me I haven't gotten to fight at my full strength in over a while so I cant really control my own strength and speed ready?' as soon as Naruto said this he disappeared with a sonic boom following him after a couple of seconds, orochimaru tried to see Naruto, only to get a knee to the gut and then an elbow to the back of the head.

Flying at the speed of sound orochimaru bounced off the barrier with a thud, he looked up to see Naruto already infront of him while eating a bowl of ramen.

Eating a bit of his noodles Naruto started to talk, 'ya know, if this is what S-rank shinobi are, then I'm kind of disappointed, I mean really? You couldn't do anything against that basic combination of a knee and elbow? This is really disappointing orochimaru' said Naruto still eating his ramen as he watched orochimaru try to stand up, only to fall down, however while orochimaru was falling he did the handsigns for his most regenerative jutsu.

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