Chapter 10

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Hey guys narutonega here with chapter 10, also there will be a poll put up at the end of the week, so the four most mentioned girls from Naruto's world will be placed on the poll with a few options about it so yeh.... Send me a message and I'll put the 4 girls up peace.

'Yeah! Way to go sasuke!' screamed most of the rookie 15 as they watched the fight go on, sasuke was definitely the strongest of them all, seeing how he had taken down Naruto almost instantly after the pictures were shown.

People in the stands who heard cheering looked at the group with distain. That was not a match that was nothing but a cheap shot that should not had happened ever.

The kages also couldn't help but feel distain when he saw other groups of genin start to cheer as well, the raikage looked down to see if team samui was cheering, he was thankful they weren't.

Sasuke who had just ended his fireball/flamethrower just looked at the smoke cloud with glee, now the thing that was stopping his and satsuki's relationship from being public was out of the way, he could officially claim her for his own, turning his back to the cloud he started to walk towards the stairs, only to get nicked by a kunai that looked like the hokage's Hiraishin kunai but this one instead of having massive pongs on the side of the main blade, had sharp thin blades, the kunai also had these pongs pointing down toward the hilt, that was all sasuke could of seen before feeling his head being hit by a freight train, or what felt like it.

Everyone gasped as the figure slowly stood up from his kneeling position, the figure's face was soon revealed after the dust from the speed shown disappeared, what shocked them was the person.

Uzumaki Naruto, or what looked like him, this Naruto had white hair with crimson tips and had two horns sticking up from the sides of his forehead, he also didn't have his whisker marks adorned on his face, the cloths that he was wearing were pretty much the same except the colouring which was mainly white with black symbols. But what had really caught everyone were his eyes.... They were the uchiha's clan's doujutsu with a weird design.

The uchiha's in the stadium couldn't help but gasp and his eyes, Fugaku who was shocked at what he saw couldn't help but scream what he had said 'THE MANGEKOY SHARINGAN!' he was so shocked how the uzumaki brat got a pair of sharingan eyes in the first place almost missed what the boy had said.

'Close but no cigar, these aren't mangekyo sharingan.... These are MY Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan' to prove his point Naruto started flaring out his power making his EMS shine with a pure crimson glow.

Everyone was shocked at this, especially the uchiha's. There was another sharingan stage after the mangekyo? How did this non-uchiha gain it, and more importantly how?

Sasuke who was shocked at what he saw after he was kicked, activated his sharingan and attempted to attack him, 'you dare steal those eye! You scum they don't belong to a nobody like you! Only to an elite uchiha like me!' throwing a punch out, he watched as his body fazed through Naruto's. Getting up he tried to kick him and once again, phased through him.

By now the kage were sweating seeing an ability like that, the raikage, because that would make fighting him impossible with tai-jutsu since it seemed to only affect it so far. The kazekage was shocked and silently planning on capturing the boy during the invasion. And finally the hokage and his wife, who had been next to him the whole time, it was the same ability that the masked man had when he released the kyuubi from kushina! How did Naruto get that ability, hell how did he get the sharingan?

Seeing how people were looking at him, Naruto cracked a small smile; he really does like being the centre of attention. 'But you all shouldn't be shocked at this form, because the next form will truly blow your mind.... Also I got to thank sasuke for the pain it took me to unlock these, but I would of seriously would have been happy without it, because it almost made me lose myself to my rage and hatred, so without further ado, feast your eyes to my new doujutsu!'

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